*How long does your BIC last?*

Discussion in 'General' started by burninlitebrite, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. How long does your lighter last?

    Are you constantly losing one?
  2. Never had one long enough to find out lol.
  3. usually a little over a month
  4. At least a month, although to be honest I rarely have any single lighter for its entire lifespan.
  5. rarely have one that long to find out. But I'd say around a month maybe
  6. they usually get stolen by people borrowing them before they actually run out but im guilty of the same thing so i cant bitch
  7. I always have them until they run out. Heres my trick: Since I dont smoke ciggs, its easy for me to not take it outside or anywhere else. So I tie a string to it and tape the shit out of it and then I tie to to something semi permanent, in my case my bed. This way it can easily go to everyone in the room and you will never loose it!
  8. Good idea
  9. Just a quick light of a joint or blunt. My latest green bic has lasted 2 months so far, and still goin strong!
  10. matches ftw. anyone agree?

    but im not going to lie i do own bics too. usually get traded (accidentally), lost, stolen. ect. so never really measured how long it could last.
  11. I've never actually had a bic until it ran out. I've always had it get stolen or I'll lose it. When I loose it, it's usually because I left it outside in the yard or someplace I was smoking and forgot it there.
  12. About a week or two. Rarely longer than that.
  13. Yea, my bic always runs out in a week or two depending on how much I smoke.
  14. usually lasts until someone takes it.
  15. Mine last 6-7 months usually. I'll end up losing it after a few weeks, and then I'll find it about 5 months later.
  16. Between cigarettes, weed, and burning crosses they go pretty quick for me.
  17. not long. damn spoons lmao
  18. from the time i buy it till the time someone askes for a light
  19. never noticed.....but i usually light up as quick as i can to conserve gas

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