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How long does youe SESH? last...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RWK Nova, May 19, 2010.

  1. Im wondering how many of you guys actual sit down and toke for a while/listen to music my actual sesh i think lasts anywhere from 5-15 min. then i go play video games and go on to the computer.
  2. 30 minutes - an hour usually. then its time for munchies and a cigarette.
  3. it all depends.
    Ablunt can last from 10-30 min, while bowls are pretty quick, 2 bowls takes maybe 10. but of course i just chill after, until i have something else to do.
  4. from 30 seconds (at work) to a few hours..... have none of you just sat and smoked the vape with some friends for a few hours hahaha.... Always a good plan
  5. Depends on a lot of things, but if its a pipe i usually blaze two bowls over a half hour period when im alone.

    When i smoke with people it tends to shorten up.
  6. Yeah I was wondering when I read this why no one smokes for hours. I'll admit me and my friends sometimes hang around for 4 hours or more just chilling and smoking. Just taking hits when we feel ourselves coming down, it's always fun.

    Alone, if I'm watching a movie or something I'll just hang out with it on the table and do the same or if I have to go somewhere it's a quick toke and run.
  7. About 2-5 minutes. My routine never changes. Pack a hit or 2 in my bong, light it, and ash it.
  8. Well.. Usually my sessions are always while I'm either browsing grasscity while listening to music. Usually I space out my hits pretty well and usually smoke for about 10-15 minutes before I'm usually done, then I take a couple hits every 15-20 minutes to keep the buzz going. :smoke:
  9. if im alone its 5-10 minutes. if im with friends it goes on for atleast 2 hours.
  10. Usually its just as long as it takes to smoke a bowl, and then we play some video games or something.

    I much prefer the occasional, longer session with good friends and good conversation.
  11. ahhhh it NEVER ends!!!
  12. #12 legalize_weed, May 19, 2010
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    You people who can't get a high to last more than 30 minutes are either:

    A. Not smoking enough and don't care
    B. Not getting the good stuff
    C. Building up a tolerance too quickly
    D. Not eating space cakes

    I don't exactly watch the time that goes by while I'm baked, but I'm willing to bet the shit I buy doesn't last less than an hour.

    My last quarter, I smoked a couple hits of what was left and even though I had been toking all day and earlier that week, it must have lasted longer than 30 minutes.

    All I know is this is really interesting and I'm gonna start timing my highs. Obviously you get the highest after 5-10 hits and after that you're just trying to stay buzzed all day. For me at least, there's a certain threshold where smoking more pot isn't going to do anything for a while and I just decide for myself how much is good.

  13. Sorry man, this logic is fail. And the reason is because, you smoke all day this day, and before that ealier in the week? And you think that is how "seasoned" smokers smoke? Maybe 2 or 3 days a week? You should be posting in the beginners section with that smoking schedule, lol... You have much to learn grasshopper....
  14. Smoking a lot doesn't make you a seasoned toker.

    It just makes you a heavy smoker.

    There are plenty of people who smoke sparingly that have forgotten far more than you'll ever know about cannabis.

    Sounds like it's you that has a lot to learn. :rolleyes:
  15. right? I vaporize some honey oil at least once every 30 mins. If im out in public I rock the machine press true hash oil, and smear it all over my cigarettes. I'm never without my smoke

  16. What? When you "grow" alot, you are not a seasoned grower? Or if you drive alot, you are not a seasoned driver? Sorry, but when you do something "alot" that does make you seasoned at it. What you say makes no sense man...
  17. Negative.

    If you grow a lot of anything, but never take the care an initiative to learn how to do it the best way and get the most out of what you're doing - you're not a seasoned "grower"

    If you drive a lot, but never take the care to learn good driving techniques, you are not a seasoned driver. There are people who have been driving for decades that still don't understand practicing good driving techniques. I would not call these people seasoned drivers.


    If you smoke a lot of weed, but never take the time to learn about the history, its facts, how to discern sativas from indicas, different smoking methods, etc.

    Then you are not a seasoned toker.


    You are just some one that smokes a lot of weed.
  18. Anywhere from 30 seconds to several days.

  19. Dude, don't judge based on the minute amount of information you even know about my life. I personally don't care but the fact that some other guy already told you off is kind of funny.

    Around here when you don't have the resources to grow your own weed, it's pretty difficult to even grab a bag these days. Sometimes when I have to go without a long time it just feels better to smoke a lot at once.

    My old toking buddy and I pretty much agreed, 1/8 a week is all you really need to get the job done. Of course now he's done salvia and speed, and is probably jumping off a cliff right now lol.

    Basically the flaw in your logic is, eating hash oil is simply the best way, especially butane hash oil. Wish I could get some of that shit.
  20. I mostly smoke with my GF, so not long, maybe two bowls each out the tube. Maybe some vape bowls.

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