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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by raypub214, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. I'm worried about how long large quantities of herb stay fresh if i plant or what not. How long, in general does it take for it to dry out and become not as good?
  2. freeze in an air-less container and it will last for a long long time.
  3. thanks man, any other suggestions??
  4. that's the best one of the lot, you just take it out, and rip it in a bong, it doesn't even need to be brought back to room temp first........Peace out..........Sid
  5. Uhh.. one more question. The fridge i have is a small one and I dont think the freezer freezes all the way, is this a problem? Can you do the same for shrooms?? THANKS
  6. it'll keep it longer than not having it chilled at all......and yes bob weed will lose it's potency after time, if not stored'll notice that weed kept on a try, and not in an airtight bag, will be less potent.........Peace out.......Sid
  7. I use an air tight glass jar to store my buds. "Zip Lock" bags are no good. No plastic bag is good. Trust me. The crystals and resin stick to the plastic and they don't come off. That reduces the potency. But I guess if you are planning to freeze the bud, the plastic might be alright. But I still wouldn't use it. The only time I put my stash in a plastic bag is if I have to take a small amount to a friend's house to smoke or something. But otherwise, I try to never bring it out of my home. Smoke it if you got it. It takes a while, but it will lose potency if it sits for too long.
  8. yeah i keep my stash in a big stainless steel airtight cannister, approx 10" deep and approx 6" across, it has a big clamp down mechanism, great for putting in the freezer.........Peace out.........Sid

  9. WOW! That a big container! I hope you keep it full!;)

    I usually don't have more then 1 1/2 oz at a time so I just use a regular sugar bowl with a latch on top and a rubber seal.
  10. best part is it's empty at the moment........not growing anything at the mo......but when i harvest it's well full, that and a couple big glass'm gonna need a seperate freezer, if i grow more plants this out............Sid

  11. Why is it good that its empty? How can you harvest if you aren't growing? I'm confused.
  12. sorry British sense of humor, "best part is"......really means "the funny thing is".........i was stateing that it's funny i have such a huge bud jar, but it doesn't have any buds in out.............Sid
  13. Ball jars are the best!.

    Get the 1 qt jars. you can get a case of them for 8 bucks at walmart . get a Vaccume sealer to make them air tight after your done curing them in the SAME JAR!

    the perfect curing system costs only 8 Bucks! Just toss a towel over the jars while cureing to keep them dark!
  14. i try not to keep it for more than 1 year.
    if by fall harvest time i have a crapper load still in the freezer, i start the eoy close-out. everything must go. first come first serve.

    and i keep them in air tight dark tupper ware. burp em and shove em into the bottom of the chest freezer.

    THC definately has a 1/2 life tho i dont know what it is and i cant find a #. my guess is that its prob over 1 year and maybe much longer before ur stash losing 50% potency ( the definition of 1/2 life). it would be interesting to know what those degridation molicules where. one thing i do know is that light and heat definately degrade the THC so keep them away.

    one thing i do loses freshness and taste the longer it sits. all those sugars and other phytochemicals that make up the herb certainly degrade at diff times and the longer it sits, the less 'fresh' it is.

    if there isnt alot of air exchange, i think 1-2 years are about as long as u wanna keep a quality stash.

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