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How long does weed last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OneEyedFrank, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. how long will weed keep before it goes bad?

  2. put it in a airtight jar and it will keep for like a year, so ive heard but ive never been able to hold onto mine for that long  :smoke:

  3. Will a ziplock bag work? 
  4. A ziplock bag stuffed in a pill-bottle, sure. Not too sure about just a zip, as far as a year is concerned. Never kept weed that long without smoking it all.
  5. A zip locked bag is still very porous, it would rapidly dry out. I still have a few buds that are going on two years and are still tasty. :smoke:
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  6. Just buy a Mason jar, they're not expensive..
  7. Longer than you...
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  8. Dude, I'm smoking some 2 year oxidized GDP right now. It was kept in a plastic bag in a dark cool area, so oxidazation THC --> CBN and yada yada all that good stuff. It's pretty dang stoney due to the CBN and how chronic it was, but it didn't go bad..
    (Btw I do have other herb, it's just a different high that I really enjoy at night, sedating, munchies, sleepy).
    Bud really goes bad depending on how its stored, where, how long, etc..
  9. Damn... I'm impressed you have buds for that long. Although I come from an area of shitty availability and price, so any weed left over when you start running out is usually smoked :p
  10. I have been blessed with a very reliable dealer that always has multiple strains. I believe I have nearly 40 different baggies of variously sized "samples", stored in 6 mason jars. The oldest is the 2 year one. :smoke: 
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  11. And here I am constantly stuck between having less than a g or nothing at all.
    I've always wanted to cure some shit over longer periods of times. Just so hard to keep that when you don't have any weed at all for weeks. I'm not strong enough to endure that :p
  12. I put my keif in a cleaned out make up jar, works perfect and it doesent shatter easy.

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