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How long does weed last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NovaSmoka420, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I just bought a nick today and am currently on probation until April 5 of this year, would it be ridiculous to expect to get high off of this? How can I make sure the weed stays potent.
  2. mason jar
  3. You'll be fine, put it in a pill bottle or mason jar or something like that.
  4. youll get it in a air tight jar.
  5. keep it in the dark, as light degrades THC.

  6. Itll go bad by then... Just send it to me and ill take care of it :cool:
  7. As OSUB said, keep it in the dark. Keep it airtight as well and if you didn't break it up you won't have to worry about keeping it moist because the stems will take care of that. :smoke:
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    Oven bags (the kind for cooking, they are less porous and more air-tight, and they are very food-grade and stable, much more so than other food storage bags), or a small glass/pyrex mason-type jar without 'shoulders' (ie. most wide mouth jars for instance are considered not to have them, where their mouths are nearly as wide, as the jar itself.. a jar with shoulders is more likely to shatter when thawing and freezing, a jar has shoulders when the opening is narrow, and it widens at the best of the 'neck'), sealed well, and stored in the freezer (that thing that keeps food ice-cold in your kitchen :p ).

    The above, if it's possible for you to do, will keep your herb just as it is right now, for months and months at a time. :)

    Otherwise, as others have mentioned, your best bet is a cool dark place, sealed inside a nice clean jar. Which way you go, depends on what you're looking for.. some folks strongly dislike herb that has been cured or aged for longer than just a few weeks off the live plant, and others enjoy a much longer cure, and can tell by the smell alone (more pungent or sharp) that it's not ready. If you want it aged more, just don't freeze it. If it's aged well enough however, and you want to be certain you maintain potency, the freezer is the way to go. Freezing also reduces the risk that you'll develop mold during storage. :)

    edit -

    The below is 'Green Apple Haze', after a just-over 4 month cure.. which is just about as long as I personally like to age herb, when jarred in wine-cellar conditions or warmer (dark, dry, 56 - 58 f ). Some strains do age better than others, though. You should be fine in a few weeks, even if the herb is already a little 'advanced' in age. :p

  9. Airtight jar, dark place.
  10. Mason jar 4eva
  11. Kept cool, dry and in the dark- 2 years minimum! (I have the study, but I just got home from a long day, and I am not going to look it up!)
  12. That's only like 2 bowls, so you have to judge if it'll get you high. But I have stored bud for 3 months and smoked it, you'll be fine. Just find a dark place to put it
  13. I found the coolest cutest little thing you can buy to keep your bud cool if you don't keep that much with you. :smoke:
    Buy USB Mini Fridge (Red) -
    It's a mini mini fridge that plugs into USB's. :D
  14. Over 9000

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