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how long does weed last you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alecvdpoel, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. It took me about a month to go through my approximately 6 grams of white russian, and within that month I was going to bed high just about every night. I haven't been smoking regularly for that long, so I think my tolerance is quite low and that most people burn through much more in a month with a similar pattern of smoking (just at night before bed mostly). How long does your stash last you?
  2. i do at least a gram a day . so depending on what i get , it lasts for however days.
  3. We have a thread like this but about how long an eighth would last. But I will say that the more I have the more I smoke. It's usually a smoke fest with a quarter+ and more conservative with an eighth.
  4. Well if its to strong then i try to do less :smoke:
  5. dont smoke a lot, and i use my MFLB. so this gram of Jack Herer has lasted me all month.
  6. i buy a half every two out perfect everytime

    my buddy and i got all our grow stuff setup..just gotta order the beans..then i will never have issues again..cant wait!!!!
  7. AHHH im hoping to be able to grow by next summer!
  8. i bought a zone (oz) of some pretty good ass "popcorn" and it only lasted me a week :(
    i think i ran out so fast because i didnt have any cigarillos. i had to chief out of a can and apple pipe for some days and it was burning all of my stuff up.
  9. If anything, using an apple or can would save bud compared to a blunt.

    You just had a serious case of "The Feens"
  10. #10 thedeadwalkk, Sep 27, 2010
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    It depends on how much i pick up. If i pick up very little say, under an 1/8th a day to two when im going to school. But on the weekend anything up to a 10g's will be gone by the next morning. The more i have, the more i smoke

    I did a little experiment using apple pipes and can pipes, you use your weed up alot faster, simply because you waste weed when you toke out of cans and apples. I smoked 2g's through a can pipe, felt like i only smoked .5 and same with apples, although they dont waste weed as much as a can pipe. an with can pipes your inhaling all that burnt ink on the outside and the metal heats up and release toxic smoke. I always find i have a "different buzz" when i toke out of can pipes
  11. yea when u use pieces like that it will make ur green disappear alot faster..but a zone in a week seems like a lil much..

    thats on average like 4gs a day..i dont even think i have enough time to smoke 4gs a day everyday lol
  12. yea man i cant wait..we are gonna have prob four plants under 1000watt HM then switch to the 1000watt 250 watts per plant we should def get a good yeild.

    He just got this nice lil CO2 setup also so hopefully that will help provide better results.

    We are gonna order all fem beans..chocolope..lsd..super lemon haze..that will make it so we will also get all the freebees. Hopefully october has a nice selection of freebees from attitude

  13. yeah im not much of a "ghetto smoker" people in my town on Long Island call Bottle and can pipe "ghettos" not sure bout other people out there but yeah im more a blunt and joint guy onceeee in a while a few bowl packs but yeah i usually get a diffrerent buzz too and they also filter the normal taste and add bad taste and stuff i wouldn't reccomend it if you can smoke out of something else like papes,bowl,bong,blunt, etc.
  14. So you smoked a bowl a day for about a month? Thats pretty reasonable. If I were getting high once a day I'd probably go through no more than a quarter a month myself.
  15. This.

  16. yea and its not even enjoyable. Last week i didnt have anyhting to toke out of, smoked out of my back up can pipe, after i was done i felt like i wasted abounch of weed and a nasty taste in my mouth and shit. And my lungs hurt afterwards too. Even make a homemade bong for $5, better then toking out of a nasty can pipe
  17. i burn atleast a gram a day, no matter what strain how good it is etc, i just sorta roll the same sized joints no matter what and burn so its probably bad but idfc lol
  18. im an idiot... when i picked up 10 grams i smoked WAYYY to much ... i was high 24 7 for like 5 days... i kept telling myself that i need to finnish it quick so i can be sober sometime aswell :p ... but as for smoking method... i accidently broke my beautiful bong on the first day i got it ( also the first day i got my first dealer) ... so i been smoking out of my pipe i got from amsterdam and rolling thin king size joints ( i quit cigs like 8 days ago)... oh and im investing in a vape :D
  19. Usually my buddy and I will pick up about a 20 (2 grams) every week and it`ll last us about two days.

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