How long does weed last you?

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  1. I started smoking weed recently, but I've smoked it very often.
    I bought an 8th of some dank shit.

    So I usually only smoke on the weekends if it is a school week.
    (I smoke on Fridays and Saturdays)
    (btw: I only smoke at night for some reason, never have time in the day to smoke)

    But if there is a break (like Christmas break, or any extended weekends or holidays I'll smoke if I feel like it)

    So if it is a normal school month with normal weekends, I'll smoke like 4-8 times a month. I started out with a huge nug that was 3.5g and the nug broke into 4 smaller nugs. I still have alot of weed left. In my opinion at least. It will last me awhile! Well that's an average school month. What about summer?

    Okay so I'm predicting that my stash will start to go dry around March or April. Perfect timing for 4/20 to buy some more dank haha :smoke:

    My dealer sells 8ths for $40 and 1/4 for $75.

    I want to buy a stash that will last me through 4/20 and summer.

    I'm thinking about buying a 1/4 because
    1. It's good shit.
    2. It's pretty cheap and 1/4 is a lot of weed for me

    Okay so for a typical summer week I would probably wake n bake a lot more often. I'd probably smoke in the afternoon when I will hangout with my friends and then I will probably smoke again at night like I always do.

    So I would probably smoke daily. At least one time a day, if not more!

    So would you say a 1/4 would last me? If not I guess I could drive to my dealers house with my bro and me and him could pick up some more. (he smokes too) that's the last thing I wanna do though.
  2. not long enough

  3. Haha that's unfortunate dude :(
    I got some weed let's toke up :smoke:
  4. LOL you ass lmao

    Yea op your plan was working till you mentioned summer... and friends
  5. I hope you have your bud in a jar, cause that's a LONG time! Less than an 1/8 lasting you till April? I wish I could say the same! :p
  6. Nowadays an eighth of High grade would last barely a week
  7. an eighth of dank would last me 1-2 days.
  8. Over Christmas break I probably smoked 1/2 total and that was smoking 2-3 times a day most days with decent sized bowls. It was awesome and quite a splurge for me because I'm usually like you with my tree, OP. I haven't smoked since Friday night which blows, and what blows even worse is that I'm probably done buying for a while and possibly smoking because of school and lack of a job :( Though my friend may still smoke me out from time to time.

    Anyways, I'd most likely get the 1/4 and milk it like you are by only smoking on weekends. Still though, making 1/4 last until Summer may be tricky.

  9. This.
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    quite a while.

    I've got low tolerance cause I only smoke on weekends or on evenings when I don't have anything I need to get done. (and occasionally before exceedingly boring classes to make it interesting enough to stay awake. Sounds retarded, but it actually helped my grade last semester.

    I have an arizer solo, one of, if not the most efficient portable vape on the market, and use that instead of lighting up. its great for conserving: .2 grams can get me high about twice in the vape, and I can reuse the abv to get high again with edibles.
  11. lol an 8th will barely last me a week.
  12. I smoke an 8th, usually cheese round here in 2 hours usually, can't help but feel im wasting it
  13. An eighth? If I'm feeling poor or have to conserve for whatever reason, I can probably make an eighth last a week. However, I've gone through a quarter in anday before, so... It varies.
  14. Just went through a fucking qaurter, picked up on thursday, resin hoots tonight.

    Brutual, time to get my shit together.
  15. i smoke over an oz a week
  16. the longer you smoke the more you are going to need....
    7 grams, 4.5 months....

    good luck.

  17. Bro I cant believe that 3.5 grams will last you a few months :smoking:
  18. At the hight of my tolerance I was going through at least a gram a day I would need 5-6 big snaps ever since getting a mflb and slowing down a lot a gram lasts me over a week my tolerance is so low now that I can't use the bong one snap gets me too high
  19. 3.5 would last me a week if I was only seshing at night. I would need 7 if I was toking a couple times a day but usually just a few night seshs. I don't know how the hell 3.5 lasts you awhile...a few months is at LEAST half an O lol and I don't even smoke THAT much. Weed just doesn't last long for me =/ Then again I like to get decently baked
  20. I baught an 8th of some Kush last night at around 8 it lasted until like 12. We rolled 7 blunts and it was only 2 of us lmfao.

    But in the summer, if your smoking everyday I'd say about a quarter a week. A quarter is 7 grams, if your smoking 3 times a day in the summer, a bowl pack is about .3-.5 x 3 a day is about a gram, gram and a half a day.

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