How long does weed last in a vape ? How many SUCK INS until its not usable ?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by PotTourist, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. I want to get high around every 3 hours so I need to have a estimation please. I have never used my vape before it is for a 8 day vacation. I want to know how many times i have to suck it to get high. My vape is called the Nokiva.

    And how many suck ins or inhales does it take to get high ??????
  2. You are overthinking things too much. Stop stressing and planning. Just go live your life and figure it out as you go.
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  3. Toke First



    take notes to keep a schedule is good

    good luck
  4. alright you got a point. I only gotta get high once every like 3 hours. It is not like alcohol where I gotta be drinking it like every minute to feel good.
  5. You left way too many variables out for anyone to possibly help you. Just load it and vape it.
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  6. Why do you need to be high every 3 hours? Seems like overkill and too much planning around the herb. Enjoy your vacation for what it's worth and add in mj when necessary or absolutely desired.
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  7. because the last time i got high was like 10 or 15 years ago and it was only 1 time. So I can like just barely even remember how it feels. So I want to make sure I am high like all the time lol

    and probabely was not quality. definetely was not from a store back then.
  8. Trust me once you're at your vacation spot and soaking it all in you're not gonna worry about being on a schedule of how much weed you smoke. Just go with the flow if you haven't smoked in forever you're gonna have a really low tolerance and you're probably not even going to want to smoke a lot. You may find that smoking too much makes you feel paranoid anyway so just go with the flow and take it easy starting out.
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  9. thanks everyone. Blue Dream all the way :)
  10. Do you suck it hard or is it more of a gentle wet suck?
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  11. i suck hard i have medical anxiety so I like to suck things hard.
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  12. do you swallow?
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  13. Funny. I knew where this thread was going to go from the very first post.:coffee:
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  14. Drinking "like every minute" will catch up to you real fast if you don't pace yourself accordingly. You cant really compare the two.

    To answer your original question, no one can really answer that since there are so many variables including type of vape, combustion versus convection, temp setting, chamber size, quality of your weed, etc. It will be something that you will have to figure out via trial and error with your own vape.

    Also, keep in mind that a vape high is somewhat different than a high you get from smoking or eating. Hell, some on this forum believe such high cant be achieved with a vape at all. Have fun and test for yourself and see how your body responds.

    But every 3 hours?!?

    Sounds like you like to swallow loads.
  15. your tolerance to cannabis effects how you feel from it... you need time between highs to let your cb receptors readjust to base line parameters... start out with a tiny amount and just sit there... if you go overboard you will feel uneasy but some people like that soooo
  16. uhh, you'll know. chill out also
  17. if you havent been using at all when you start, your first load might last you 4 full sessions before you change it, each with 3-4 pulls at minimum... hell 1 pull of vape will affect you greatly if you are 100% clean to begin with.

    i dont know the unit your speaking of but when theres no green and almost no yellow in the finely ground bud load, i think you got at least 50% of whats in the weed, the other 50% is a bit heavier and its when theres absolutely nothing yellow and nothing light brown in your load (all medium dark brown/reddish till almost black). this part of the load is stonier and lasts a bit longer than the first half, so mixing smaller loads in a single sesh is always prefered by me...

    Its easier to take a pull of weed every other minute than drink some alcohol every other minute. you wont get sick from overvaping like drinking too much alcohol too... if you stay active you shouldnt overvape either.

  18. Lol suck ins its called hits :smoking-banana:
  19. Your addiction to other drugs will affect how cannabis affects you. For example, I've had to take opiates for pain for close to 10 years, and have been told I always will, though we are lowering my dose over time, and I can cut the amount I need by about 1/4th by using cannabis. That being said, if I don't have my opiates, I'm not gonna feel much from my cannabis until they kick in. If you need to drink alcohol "every minute" to enjoy life, you're gonna have to be happy with your alcohol consumption before you're gonna be happy with your cannabis consumption...

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