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How long does urine last?

Discussion in 'General' started by ThePhantom, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. I am in a tight spot with the law that may possibly warrant the use of fake urine. So, how long can clean urine be stored before it goes bad? I know you need to make it warm for drug tests, but is there a time limit until urine goes "bad" and it wouldn't work on a drug test? I was watching Reno 911 and one of the cops had gallons of urine stored a long time for his drug tests, but that's a television show so I don't want to stake my future on that. Thanks!
  2. I'm pretty sure if you freeze it, it will last a few weeks.
    I'm not sure tho I've never had any experience with this.
  3. My frind kept in a jar for over a month in his fridge and it still worked.
    Only trick was getting it back up to body temp. When you take it out of the fridge it takes about 20 mins to get it back up to temp. After that you are good to go.
  4. So does it need to be refrigerated, or can it just chill in a sealed bottle anywhere?
  5. you have to refridgerate it, or bacteria starts to grow quick (like one to two days) you're better of freezing it
  6. yeah if you just leave it out, it will get rancid
  7. Makes sense. I figured something would go wrong if it was left out. I suppose it could be hidden in a freezer, but if it was found, how does one explain that? It doesn't matter, I'll figure out a way, but thanks for the help guys!
  8. well technically till it evaporates. I bet it could last a couple hundred years in a glass jar.

    How ever as far as drug testing goes I think it's only good for a couple hours if that's what you were asking for. :p
  9. I see. Well I don't think I am getting urine tested anyway, I have just been bringing urine in just in case.
  10. I had frozen urine for over 2 months(that was thawed and frozen twice before) and used

    it for a probation testing, and it worked. I was really worried though because when you

    looked at in the light, there were little flakes in it. But, it worked:D
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    hey man i just wanted to throw in my .02 :)

    i've taken 3-4 piss tests over the last few years and i've used synthetic urine everytime. some bottles (i always kept one or two handy) were over a year old - as long as you keep the temp between 90-100 you'll pass no problem.

    of course fresh urine is free - but thats about the only pro i can think of :)

    let me know if you need anymore pointers - im definitely an expert on the subject :hello::hello: gl!!
  12. it depends on how fast you drink it, my urine usually lasts about 10 minutes.
  13. I'm happy you guys have had success with the urine testing.

    Gr0wSm0K3, what the hell? Drinking urine? Sure, I think everybody has a glass or two when they are young just to see what it takes like, but once you pass the age of 15, drinking your own urine just gets weird.

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