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How long does the smell last

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr.Snap, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. My parents are going out of town this weekend and I am going to buy a quarter of some
    headies to celebrate the end of summer:hello:
    When ever i usually blaze at home its in my back yard and usually no more than 2 people. My neighbors are really nosy but i am really low-key about it and i don't cough that much so they don't notice.

    Heres the dilemma since I am going to be blazing so much and I'm going to have like 5 people over i don't think it would be a good idea to have a smoke out in my backyard with all the nieghbors looking

    I want to smoke in my house but im wondering how long does it take for the room to air out and the smell to be 100% gone

    P.S My parents are leaving thursday nite and coming back monday morning

    thanks for the advice!!
  2. Any time before late Sunday night and you should be fine. Avoid blunts, though, since the tobacco smell will linger a bit more than the weed smell does.
  3. if you smoke in a room with one window open there will be no smell in a half hour, 1 hour tops
  4. just air the house out on sunday

    only smoke in one room

    leave the windows open
  5. cool what about fabreeze or something simmilar should i buy some just incase
  6. Hotboxing your room is a bad thing to do because the smell will then linger in your clothes, carpet, basically anything made of fabric. Therefore its best to have a window open and blow the smoke in that general direction of the window, definitely not directly into your closet with all your clothes. Keep the window open over night and the smell will be gone completely next morning (unless some of the smoke seeped elsewhere into the house). If the smoke went elsewhere when open every door of ever room and every window of every room and keep it that way for an hour, 3 hours if you are paranoid. Air freshner isn't really necessary since the smell will be gone.

    Like the other guy said don't do blunts or any tobacco. In my experience its much harder to get rid of tobacco smoke and odor than cannabis. That is, of course, unless your parents are smokers (of tobacco) then you don't have as much to worry about. The thing is if they are not, they are more than likely to suspect tobacco much before weed since tobacco has a stronger and more recognizable odor.

    But other than that you'll be fine, and enjoy.
  7. Dryer sheets and a toilette paper roll. Stuff the roll with the dryer sheets and blow through those. Instead of the house smelling like smoke, it will smell like dryer sheets...great novel idea! Tried it in a buddy's place, worked like a charm

    Hope this helps

    The Genius
  8. Using a sploof when you have days with the house to yourself is just overkill.
  9. You will be ok if you just smoke in one room, keep the window open.

    No fan needed, but an exhaust fan will help. Any fan blowing OUT of the window will work.

    Jsut blow in that general direction, and you should be fine.

    Don't smoke in the house past midnight on sunday i would say.
  10. just go in whatever room you want to smoke in, shut the door, stick a rag underneath it in that little crack, open all the windows, and then smoke while blowing as much of the smoke directly out the window as possible
  11. all you need to do is smoke in one room.
    open a window half way.
    have a fan in the window blowing outwards.

    thats it.
    leave it like that for 30 minutes after you smoke everytime.

    you will be fine.

    spray the place with frebreeze air effects if you have it.

    no problems at all.
    dont sweat it.

    light some candles if you are really sweating it on sunday.
  12. yeah so basically im just going to blaze in my famil room with all the windows open i i bought some fabreeze just in case

    i never really understood the sploof thing i mean the smoke comes from your mouth and whatever your smoking out if so wouldnt it still smell

    anyways thanks for the advice this weekend should be good i will post pics if i get a chance
  13. If you do a good enough job then no it shouldn't smell. Rather then blowing the smoke out into the room you blow it into a "sploof" filled with dryer sheets, the smoke passes through the sheets comes out the other side of the sploof only now it smells like dryer sheets and not dank ass buds. Theres always still excess smoke that rises from the piece though, cant really do anything about that except try and put it out right after your hit.

    if no ones going to be home for dont need a sploof just use that febreeze and windows :)
  14. I would like 2 take everything everyone said and put it into this post.;)
  15. Srsly, burn it down all ya want till Sunday evening, then air the house out before you go to bed and you'll be golden.
  16. easiest way is to just blaze the garage and open the door when done. if you dont got a garage then bake your room.

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