How long does the shipping take?!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by cheiftoke, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I ordered the ehle 1000ml Monday, it's says 7-21 business days, I got the expensive shipping, does any one know how long it takes?!
  2. My bong took me 4 months.

    Could be shorter,

    could be longer.

    Expensive shipping = tracking. Thats the only difference.
  3. Hahaha wow I didn't know that, and I ordered from grasscity, and yours took 4 months?! Same ehle I got?
  4. No, not the same bong but it was from the same area. And i think mine took 4 months cause i ordered it like day after christmas. Almost everything off of GC comes within 2 weeks from what ive heard
  5. expect it in about a month.
  6. Expect it in 7-21 business days
  7. last year was different because us customs wouldnt allow anything over a pound to be transported by air, so everything had to be sent by boat and then go through the whole customs process. i mean it is the holiday season so shipping services may be a little slower, but you should get it faster than people got stuff last year

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