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How long does the red-eye effect usually last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purplesnowcap, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. #1 purplesnowcap, Aug 1, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2008
    ive been trying to find out since the last few times i came home after smoking, my high was gone but my eyes gave me away. anyone know how long til the red eyes go away?:bongin:

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  2. about 2-3 hours for me, even when im ot high:confused: but i would deff reccomend sheelin up 3 dollars 4 sum vyzene dude, u can get it at most co fairs and such:hello: 2 drops in each eye will keep them crystally white for up to 5 hour after smokin
  3. i agreed i don't even worry about my eyes.
    eye drops, gum, and some body spray keep me flyin low
  4. word:hello:
  5. haha, My eyes rarely get red, they just get super glazed and the whole pupil bit. I haven't used eyedrops once in my time smoking. not at school, work, church. nothing. everybody just knows whats up lol

  6. Same with me too dude. and on the rare occasion that they do her red. I either have allergies that day of an eye infection :)
  7. The downside to using drops though, is that use of vasoconstrictors has been shown to increase the risk of a whole host of eye problems later in life.
  8. Not 100% but that was only just for the visine brand.
  9. Yea, it's just for Visine. Just buy some artificial tears or whatever they're called, they work just as well, and don't mess up your eyes
  10. To put it more plainly, you don't want anything that is marketed as a redness reducer (a vasoconstrictor). Antihistamine drops are fine, but stay away from drops that use naphazoline Hcl, tetrahydrozaline Hcl and phenylephrine Hcl - and that doesn't just include Visine, but pretty much all of the Clear Eyes drops, Naphcon, and any others marketed for red eyes. Get the drops intended for allergies, which use pheniramine maleate. They don't work as quickly, or as effectively, but they won't increase your risk of developing glaucoma or conjunctival xerosis (dry eye), or if you use redness removing drops too frequently, the rebound effect, where your eyes will be even more red than they were before you applied the drops after they wear off.
  11. Honestly my eyes are rarely ever noticeably red. They're always just super glazed.
  12. same here my eyes dont get red just glazed.:smoke:
  13. after a while you won't even get the red eyes anymore.

    but yeah just get some visine bro. only sets ya back like 5 bucks.
  14. long version:
    short version:

  15. My eyes get majorly fucked over, I just use cvs brand eye drops and I'm good.
  16. My eyes only get red when I smoke and drink...then I use RHOTO V

  17. WRONG. The redness reducer is the same naphazoline Hcl that I mentioned in my previous post. Those drops are in the same boat as Visine, Clear Eyes, etc. If it uses a vasoconstrictor to remove redness, you are putting your eyes at risk. Stick to antihistamines.
  18. Yeah dude, just shell out like five bucks for some eye drops. Then it won't matter how long the red eye effect lasts.
  19. The red eyes for me happen EVERY time, and worse then any person i have ever known. I have a minor alergic reaction to cannabis as well but not bad enough to be harmful to me. I just get realllly red eyes, severe dry mouth, and really tired depending on what kind of cannabis, and my voice changes just a little, as if my nose is slightly clogged (but its not).

    But there is only one thing that does my eyes justice, and i've tried over 14 brands of eye drops, starting from the most expensive to the least, and the best were not the cheapest, but damn, for 7 bucks!!!! I never get red eyes, and it gets rid of anyyyyy eye strain i ever get from staring at the monitor for 20 hours straight haha.

    Rohto's. Arctics i think are the best. People hate these just because they make you're eyes water for 30 seconds... but I just keep my head up and blink alot and NEVER touch my eyes and just keep in the watering as much as possible because touching your eyes or wiping the drops out just makes you water up more and yeah... i'll usually just put two drops in each eye, then wait 30 seconds, then carefully just wipe up any of the excess liquid, once again, they do make you're eyes water up. You get use to them after the 5th time. some people are just ..i hate the word...but... pussies.


    you can easily nab a little box off the shelf for free ;)

    since my red eye lasts for up to 2-3 hours, these always take care of it. and i have super glued them to a nifty necklace, so their always there under my shirt. But if i don't have them, just drink lots of water - which i do anyways for the dry mouth. but i don't really burn the herbs anymroe for health reasons and idk i just dont need it for my insomnia much anymore and after 5 years idk... just... decided to kick the hab. wasnt' hard, just stopped one day when i really thought about it.


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