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How long does THC stay in your system?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by snortstorts, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Hello ã‚·
    I know this is probably a very common question, but I have looked many places and have heard many different answers, so I decided to come to professionals. I smoked on July 23rd, and that was the first time since June 13th. I took five or six hits of a pipe, it was relatively good stuff, I was pretty high pretty quickly. I plan on getting a job, and I need to know when it will be possible for me to pass a test. I weigh 106 lbs, I am 5'3, and my waist is a 26-27. My metabolism is fast, I eat whatever I want whenever I want, I don't smoke that often, maybe once or twice a month if I'm lucky. I know that THC stays in your body for about 28 days, but I have heard that it only shows up in a pee test for 13-14 days in a person that doesn't smoke that often (me). Please, can someone help me? How long will it stay in my system? What can I do to clear out my system quicker? Thank you to anyone who can help me, sorry if this is a bother.
    Happy smoking!  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  2. You're good. One-time use, i.e. like once a month or less will only remain in the system for something like 3-5 days at most if i remember correctly. There is a very helpful chart of "detection periods" that can be found in the Drug Testing Vault at, sorry but I'm too lazy to find the link right now haha
  3. Yeah, you're probably fine now. Little body fat for the thc to stick to and you don't smoke that much.
    For extra confidence, buy a drug test kit. I got a generic kind online in like a 5 pack and used them, plus had a friend with unclean urine, and seeing the results definitely made me feel better.
  4. Buy an at home drug test and find out. I took a week and a half break then smoked on the 4th and passed my drug test for the army in 10days.

    It varies for everyone.
  5. Where can I buy one? And thank you to everyone who took the time to answer (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  6. Like a walgreens or target. Idk if you have those stores. walgreens is like a pharmacy store
  7. I work for Target, we sell no such thing; at least at my store haha

    Walgreens might have one though
  8. Yes, I live near a Target and Walgreens. I do live in America. Should I buy two and have a friend do it too? I looked on and it said that if it was a one-time use it stays in the system 1-6 days, but that was not my first time smoking, I've smoked before in my life, but it was the first time in over a month, does that still apply to me?
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    No idea. All I know is-- I can go without smoking for 2 days and my tolerance resets.
    The joys of being painfully skinny.
  10. Tolerance is very different from trace amounts being in your system though. I feel like my tolerance almost completely resets after a few days too but I guarantee you I'm not passing any drug test for at least a week or two haha
  11. I am very skinny and it has been just about two weeks. I guess I should be good but I am going to buy a drug test just in case.
    I really truly think buying that drug test is a waste of money; you are way smaller than myself and if the last time you smoked before 2 weeks ago was June 13 it would be un-fucking-believable if you somehow pissed dirty. If you're really really worried about it i guess the consolation can't hurt; but I can almost guarantee you you would pass if you took a test right now. I've had a lot of experience taking drug tests; I know I would pass if I were you, and I'm like a foot taller and 60 lbs heavier!
  13. I got one from target once lol
  14. Yea stores do differ in what products they carry; so i guess you can find em at target but there's no guarantee every one has them. Check online first to see if your store carries em rather than waste a trip
  15. I feel like everyone is different, I am a girl if that makes any difference in the likelihood of passing a test. Will drinking a lot of water help? I may/may not buy the test but I would like to "cleanse" my body.
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    Oh, obviously everyone is different; and I'm definitely taking into consideration the fact that you are smaller than me. That would most likely speed up how fast THC leaves your body compared to me rather than slow it down. The amount of fat on your body and your metabolism definitely make a difference, never heard of gender making a difference.
    And nawh, don't waste your time water-loading, thats only for if you're trying to cheat the test by dilution. There's no way to speed up excretion of THC other than fat burning exercise, and thats not even proven as far as I know. 
  17. Yup, you're good in 3 - 6 days
    Check out this post:
  18. So am I good to pass a test or not, one way or another?
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    Thats what I've been saying since my first post, you definitely are...
  20. okay thank ya ãƒ½(•‿•)ノ

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