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How long does pot keep?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SlashLesPaul, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I am getting off of probation in a month and im going to buy a half ounce soon if it will keep that long. i have other things i want to spend money on so i wanna buy now and stash it away until im off. i have airtight pill bottles, a few glass jars, and many dark places to store them. so will the herb be just as potent in 3-4 weeks if i buy it tomorrow?
  2. If it's airtight, it's all good for a pretty long time.
  3. Ive kept bud in an airtight jar for 3+ months and it was still great.

    Not sure about loss of potency but ive heard that before, couldve just been a rumor though.
  4. yea weed lasts a very long time as long as its stored in a cool dark place. it cant be wet either or it will get moldy.
  5. Lol around my place, not nearly long Enough
  6. as long as it's dry normal dry, as bud usually is...just throw it in a jar with a good seal and it should last for months without a problem. Just make sure to get a good jar with the rubber seal in the top so it's airtight...if it's not airtight the bud will dryout over time and that's no good.
  7. They'll be fine in the pill bottles for a month. Keep it dry and in a dark place
  8. Don't worry about it lol, it lasts for a long long time, especially if kept in the right conditions
  9. It keeps until you smoke it.
  10. since you're so close to being off probation, I suggest you just wait until you're off to buy some weed. if you buy some you might be tempted, smoke some, and then not pass the drug test. but if you're sure you won't cave in and smoke it before you're off probation: separate it into a couple bags, put those bags into bags, and then put those bags into the airtight jars or pill bottles. if you really wanna be extra careful, put those jars/bottles into a closed box lol. and then put it in a dark, dry place.
  11. I have weed from October that's still good. As long as it was cured properly then you're good. Store it in those airtight jars and store them somewhere dark. You could also put it in the freezer, I've heard that works well for storing bud for long periods of time.

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