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How long does one beer to take to get out of your system?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tonyizzle, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. I have something called an intoxilock. With this I have to blow into this device that measures my BAC before I can start my car. I wondering how how long it would take after drinking one beer to be able to drive again. How about two?

    Thanks :smoking:
  2. Isn't the general rule 1 drink, 1 hour? But I'm sure it varies depending on body weight.
  3. How about if your gonna be driving, dont drink? Thats obviously what got you into this anyway

  4. Thanks.

    I am 6'2 160 pounds
  5. Wrong.

    It's not my car, it belongs to my sisters boyfriend. He got revoked so I am using his car. I don't want to drive drunk, dont get me wrong, but I was hopin to kick back a few beers before I go out later tonight (in about 2 hours)

  6. how about ....start the car before u drink them beers....then guzzle em afterr that shits revved up :hello::hello::hello::hello:

  7. I think you burn off .01-.02 BAC every hour


    just get somebody else to blow on it
  8. Man no worries i read about it in health and i dont remember the exact numbers but it was like

    the average person loses .08-.012 every hour or something pretty ridiculous that made me think " wow if this is the stat they give me n class i should definitely be fine if i drink early and then wait throughout the night to sober up"

    sorry i dont remember the exact numbers/time

  9. yeah now that seems way more logical to me but my health book told me otherwise :confused:
  10. yeah dude just have someone else blow in it for ya
  11. Use a sploof :D

    jp man, I have no idea. :)
  12. I was hoping to avoid someone else blowing in it for me. I want to be able to pass a breathalizer if a copwere to give it to me as well. (i tend to get pulled over a lot)

  13. well if that i chart i posted in the link is accurate doesnt really sound like you have a chance :(

  14. If I read it right i should be able to pass after 2 hours if i consume 1 beer.

    Thanks for the link +rep

  15. yeah but what good is a beer every two hours?

    i suppose if you drink just cause you like the taste of beer . but even then id least want two or three :)

  16. Yeah dude, I just wanna drink a beer to start my night out n relax a bit. Just got this new clonazpem script and im feelin pretty good.
  17. I vote that you just get someone to give you a ride, that way you can drink more than 1 beer every 2 hours haha

  18. yeah dude haha, thats what im workin on right now actually :smoking:
  19. Im goin to a party later on tonight i wont be driving anymore once i get there. I just wanted to down a beer before i go.

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