How long does it take your eyes to become not red after toking?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheBlueBastard, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. I've always wondered this. Every time I get high n my eyes get fucked up, 2 hours later when the high is gone n I'm sober my eyes will still be stoned lol.
  2. My eyez stay i dunno....:smoking-bong:
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  3. Your tolerance must be through the fuckin roof, lol... orrrr you've got some type of eye problem... in that case you should really get that looked at.
  4. I never get red eyes unless I'm high as fuck from edibles :laughing:
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  5. I used to get red eyes when i was 14-15 but now i dont so yeh. Cant help.
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  6. I don't know.
    I never stop toking.
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  7. mine don't get red unless i cough up a lung. I dont get cotton mouth either.
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  8. I've heard of the long standing myth that the more you smoke, the less red your eyes will start to get... I think I've proven this to be false, been tokin since 11 n I'm 27 now, eyes still get as red as my ass after backtalking daddy when I was 12.
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  9. What about T-Breaks?
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  10. Invented by those who don’t grow lol
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  11. Lol, but when your tolerance gets too high, it's best to take a break regardless. If you take a tolerance break after having a high tolerance, you'll use less weed, you get much much much higher and your highs last much longer. T-breaks are the shit, when you think you've been getting high, try taking a tolerance break, then you'll REALLY get high (if you have tolerance).
  12. Only if I run out between Harvests.
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  13. Well, I'm a medical user, so I'm mainly interested in CBD.
    Getting high is just a bonus.
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  14. Edibles and wax and are the only way I get red eyes

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  15. I’m a medical user (lucky sick stoner :)) too.
    I believe the op so I’m going to take my daily 5 hr tolerance break and go to bed because I’ve just eaten a half gram of sap...
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  16. All the red is from is blood vessels cause ur eyes get dehydrated,,so until u hydrate ur eyes!!

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  18. Damn, I never drink anything while having a session, that could maybe prolly be it, I do drink some beers sometimes after a session, but I don't think that counts, @BrewsnWeed666 though I bet would def think otherwise lmao.

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