How long does it take YOU to get high?

Discussion in 'General' started by tokez1993, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I first start to feel the effects after 4-5 minutes. Peaking at around 10-12 minutes. What about you guys?
  2. if its incredibly dank and i take a huge hit i feel it immedeatly
  3. Ahhh I thought you meant amount at first, to which the answer would be 1 hit if I haven't smoked in a few days (usual for me) or a bowl if it's the weekend.. haha.

    Time? I'd say 5 minutes or less.

    You should put a poll.

  4. Before I exhale my first hit.
  5. i peak at around 8 minutes. start feeling the buzz immediatly, comup starts at 4 minutes.
  6. Depends on what i'm smoking nd how. I usually smoke outta a bowl, so after 2 nice hits I'm usually feeling it. But bong hits, just one and i'm good :bongin:
  7. With my usual shit, I always feel it at the exact same time, and I don't know why. I'll pack a bowl, smoke it, and feel a tiny buzz. About 5 minutes later, I pack another. And the FIRST hit off the 2nd bowl, I'm always like "Whoa dude.. I'm cooked". It's like creeper shit that doesn't hit me until I'm starting another bowl. It always happens, everytime. First hit of the 2nd bowl, so I suppose about 5-8 minutes is when I really start to notice, and it peaks about 30 minutes later and plateaus for a while.
  8. when im chilling with my good friend and we are taking knife hits i feel it immediatly (mostly sweet tooth), and after 5 knife hits we are sitting on the couch in the dark listening to those staticy am radio stations haha
  9. 2-3 hits from the bong and i'm good
  10. i can feel the first effects almost as soon as it hits my lungs

    kind of like a slightly cold feeling, but it feels really good.

    but when i actually start to get the full effects it is usually like 3-4 minutes, if even.
  11. with a blunt the tabacoo makes that shit kick in like crazy. usually by the end of the blunt im just like BOOOOOM! hello brick wall.
  12. oh man, just thought of somethin funny.
    anyway it depends on the potentcy and whether its that kind of weed that creeps up on you or not. Gnerally 10-20 minutes im starting to peak.

    I remember a couple weeks ago(maybe a month), me and my friend were havin a session, so i told him i had a very little bit of hash, i packed a bowl of Trainwreck(too much, i should have packed slightly less) and toped it with this tiny ass slide of hash, i tried to milk the entire bong and clear it all, and i was high before i exhaled, then i coughed up a lung for 3 minutes and my fried said'yo son that shit must be good, i aint ever seen you cough like that' so my friend hits the same thing, and entire bowl, stands back from the table with the bong just looking at the ground surrounding him like:confused: then we were both like:D and then it was all like:smoking: and then:cool:
    sorry i had to share that, i really love when it hits you as soon as it gets into your lngs
  13. oh yeah?? Before I INHALE my first hit :mad:
  14. with the stuff I usually smoke, it takes around 2 minutes to start feeling the effects and from 5-10 minutes ill be pretty high. Its dank stuff btw
  15. usually i feel high right after i exhale my first hit. i guess its just a mental thing. and if its really good shit then i can feel reallly really high by about 10-15 min
  16. Generally after my second hit. The first affects me slightly but I wouldn't say it classifies as being 'high'.

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