How long does it take to ship?

Discussion in 'General' started by HawaiiWeed, Jun 28, 2019.

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    I just bought a bong on the 25th of june it gave me an email saying shipped just wondering how long it usually takes to get here. If you have ever ordered please lmk how long it took you i live in the US btw.

    it says its coming from Amsterdam

    UPDATE* got it today!
  2. Depends where its comin from,,where u buy it at

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  3. Depends what shipping you picked.. if it's the cheapest expect 5-7 days most things I order come 2-3 days after I purchase because I pay extra for the postage lol
  4. yeah i got free shipping
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  5. how do i check?
  6. Did you buy it from Grasscity Headshop, or somewhere else?
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  7. grasscity
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  8. If it's coming from the Netherlands, it can take 7 to 10 business days. Your package goes through customs leaving the Netherlands, and again when it enters the States. If it gets held up in customs for any reason it tends to be longer. If it's shipping from a US warehouse you should get it sooner.

    You should have a tracking #, even though you got free shipping. Once your package is accepted by the post / shipping office you'll be able to tell where it's shipping from with tracking information.

    Hope that helps.
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  9. Ok thank you its weird that i'm not getting a tracking number because last time i ordered a $50 bong i got it after 2 days but now i order a $200 bong i haven't got it it's been 4 days. Anyways thanks for the help bro.
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  10. That's interesting.
    Did you get a message saying they're getting ready to ship your order?
    Or does the message say that it shipped?

    I have had free shipping on an order from the headshop recently, and when it shipped I got a tracking#.

    *Note - the Headshop and the forum are separate entities, so you need to contact customer service for specifics on your order.
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  11. 4 days is only 3 if you are counting today. Business days. So glad to see a gc staff on here making a comment good to know you are around.
  12. Yeah it says order confirmed then ordered shipped
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  13. bunping this
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  14. come back when it has been 5-10 business days. If it takes 10 business days, it would take over 2 weeks on an expected delivery. Just smoke a dubbie in the meantime and chill out, you bongs coming my guess would be that you will have your package by the end of next week buddy.
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  15. ok cool thank u
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  16. bumping this
  17. Hey my package says this Screenshot - 5fb6c18e168ba184aa8788f29e311f0e - Gyazo does that mean its gonna arrive tmr?
  18. My orders have usually been decently quick, maybe 5 days?
  19. UPDATE* its coming today at 3 thank u guys for the help!
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  20. Garlic takes 9 months to grow, and you get more enjoyment out a glass piece, be glad it's days/weeks not years.

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