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  1. Hey ya, this is the first time i've tried to revege my plants,im just doing it with one really nice Australian blue plant.How long does it normally take and what are some things i could do to make sure that it works. some ideas would be great....... suess:D
  2. While harvesting your crop be sure to leave a small amount of each of the lower buds & any of the leaves around it. Put the plant back into a 24 hour light cycle. The process of reverting back to the vegetative state takes a long time for the plant, so you must have patience.

    At first the regrows will look a little funny at first. But these little monsters bush out quickly once they've started vegging again.

    Hope that helps.
  3. why reveg, just grow a new plant, or take clones before you start flower, and veg the clones.
  4. like other poster stated OGH has a great thread on this, Some of my plants like this one will be revegged, just cause it is short and will live for at least 3 years before it is all used up, takes mine about 3 months to fully veg for about 50 clones.

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  5. I revegged a plant about 3 months ago, took her about 2-3 weeks to flip back over, 4 weeks and the old buds fell off.
  6. Thanks to all for replies,im going to try cutting 1/3 of the root ball off like in the ogh thread,it looks promising and its exciting to revegg i reckon. suess
  7. Yeah re vegging is nice, get like 3 or 4 mothers built up, and clone off of them cycle it between flowers or mix and match strains, cross pollinate etc, too many options when you keep a well known plant alive and just molest/manipulate her children :rolleyes:

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