How long does it take to produce?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sinisterly, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. I have some seeds in the process of being germinated, and I plan on planting them in the next few days.

    I'm going away mid November and would like to bring any produce along with me. I'm going to be growing outdoors and will be needing to keep it trimmed to roughly 3-4 feet. I'm planting quite a few seeds but I only expect 5 to surpass the sprouting stage.

    So as the thread title questions, how long until they produce and how much on average could I expect as a beginner?
  2. Hi
    Im new to the forums and growing too. What strain are the seeds ? I think strains vary in the time it takes, I also think your conditions have an effect on time. I googled the strain I'm growing ( skunk #1) and there's loads of info on it including rough timescales.
    Good luck
  3. P.s my seeds went in 15 days ago and I'm hoping to have a crop for Christmas
  4. Honestly, I don't have a clue what strain they are. They're just some seeds I've accumulated from my dealer. Every now and then i get a seed or two in my baggie and have decided to put them to good use.

    I can tell you it's very high quality stuff, a lot of orange, and a lot of trichome (or whatever it's called) all over it.

    I'll try to ask my dealer what strain it is.
  5. I went online to get my seeds and went for skunk #1 as it said it's a very forgiving strain and good for beginners. I'm flying by the seat of my pants at the moment, no real clue what I'm doing but I found this forum yesterday and it's a wealth of info ( much easier than trying to get info from the guy in the hydro shop, which is fair enough. It's very illegal here). We are just coming into autumn in the U.K. and it's getting colder by the day by my plants are nice and warm.
    I've smoked weed for 30 years but new togrowing, I don't know for sure but I think mid Nov might be stretching it a little? I personally am hoping to have some cured bud by late Dec/early Jan and my seeds were started on the 9th Sep. From what I can gather you can really harm the growth if not done properly so may be best to just take your time and find a technique that fits your environment and climate mate
  6. Well if you are growing outdoors now, your plants are not going to produce much if anything at all. Unless you are in the southern hemisphere.

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  7. I am in the Southern Hemisphere actually, Australia to be more precise.
  8. Southern hemisphere, then your spring is just starting. Growing outdoors is not the same as indoors. The plants need spring and summer months to veg. Then at the end of summer they will start flowering when the days get shorter. Northern hemisphere we harvest any time between September to December depending on strain and how far north you are. The same applies to you. Unless you grow autos.

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