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How Long Does It Take To Get Addicted To Cigs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheCoolest420, May 28, 2013.

  1. Ive been smoking newports for about two months now. I usually have two a day maybe 3 but only after i smoke weed. If i try to smoke when im dry i think the cig is gross and i throw it away. So will i get addicted? I never crave them.
  2. Well, unfortunately I dont have first hand experience with cigs, but as a general rule there is a high risk for addiction when doing an addictive substance once a day for an extended period of time. Of course many factors other than frequency of use come into play when considering addiction as it can vary greatly from person to person.
    So keeping the same pace your at right now I would say addiction is pretty likely.
  3. I have known people who do only smoke on rare or specific occasions. This is the exception though, most people become dependent fairly quickly. Be careful, I will not tell you not to smoke just make sure you know what you want out of it.
  4. I personally think it has A LOT to do with lifestyle and will power.
    1. Lifestyle - if you have plenty of time in your life spent relaxing and/or bored rather than working, then you will have more time to smoke. More smoking = greater addiction to nicotine. Also, having friends who smoke a lot can be a strong influence e.g. when one goes out to smoke you will all join in and it becomes a part of your social life.
    2. Will Power - some people (such as myself) can just give up stuff when they decide they really want to. This can be affected by disposable income available, clarity on the health issues surrounding it, caring about how others perceive you, and just generally how good you are at stopping yourself from doing unproductive things in your life and getting on with the real shit that needs to be done.
    source: I smoked 10-15 a day for 12 months during my late teens before I left school. I decided to quit when I went to university, had a couple of relapses during stressful times (exams, relationships, family issues etc - nicotine is great for helping you relax and concentrate so I can understand why I did this) but now I will NEVER touch the stuff again. 
  5. And IMO, if you're only doing it after you smoke weed then don't. You clearly are not dependent on them like a lot of other people and you're just wasting money that could be spent on other things.
  6. It depends on the person.. I smoked for 4 years and never got addicted.
  7. I only smoke when I drink. Been doing it for over a decade.

    I do not even think about cigarettes when I haven't been drinking...

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  8. I smoked a pack a month or so for about 3 months. it was stupid. I didn't even like them. I would light one then put it right back out. gross. and luckily never got addicited.
  9. Once you stop getting that headbuzz and still smoke you know you're addicted.

    I've smoked 2-5 a day for almost two years now. Had a craving a few times but I still get head buzzed and have no problem stopping. I stopped for 5 days a few weeks ago and haven't smoked one now in almost three days.
  10.      Absolutely possible and once you are addicted, IMO its very hard  to quit.  It depends on your habits, willpower, etc. It differs from person to person. Many things can give you that urge to smoke: stress, boredom, a buzz, etc.  It really takes a toll on ones health as you grow older. 
    If you can let it remain a luxury: where you occasionally indulge on certain special occasions, cool.
    I am a former tobacco smoker and in my case I had to make a choice:  the sacred herb vs cigarettes.  It was an easy choice.
    ¡ viva cannabis
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  12. As soon as you like them enough to not stop smoking them before you ARE addicted, you're pretty much screwed. I'd just stop them now, nothing good comes from them. Unless you can moderate yourself and not smoke a pack a day. If you can control yourself and smoke a bogey every now and then, go for it! 

    A word of advice, don't even try to moderate yourself. Stop them now, before it's too late......
  13. Don't smoke. You may think you look cool, but you are telling the world that you spend money to get lung cancer. And you reek. and you burn holes in things and you are discriminated against. Ever kiss a girl that just smoked a cig? Yuk!
  14. Haven't smoked in years, friend offered me a cig. Camel Crush. I've smoked two full packs since. And I'm craving more.

    However I have the will power to stop. I've been really bored lately.
  15. I don't plan on buying another pack, however my friend is getting his monthly rx of Adderall.

    Anyone that has taken amphetamines before know that cigs go together with amps like peanut butter and jelly.
  16. doubtful
    Can't talk about that here.
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    Cigs should be illegal, bud should be legal.
  18. I started smoking weed when i was 14 and cigs when i was 15 because i got put on probation and figured that was an alternative. Now im 20 and i smoke a pack a day and ive smoked a pack a day since i turned 18. 16 and 17 a pack could last me 4 or 5 days but i could go weeks without cigs if i couldnt get them. Id say i smoked for 3 years and could have quit any time no problem. Now it would be a son of a bitch if i were to try to quit. As long as a pack lastsyou 5 days you coupd probably quit whenever, i would reccomend just quiting though.
  19. I smoked 2-3 cigs a day for like 2 months or so, never got addicted, mainly just did it when I was smoking bud.
  20. Cigs are a drug too.

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