how long does it take to flush ur plant out of furtilizer?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by top secret, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. i was just wanting to chang the time to 12-12 (start flowering) but i need to flush my plant of fertilixzer how long should i just give it normal water tilll i chang the time to 12-12
  2. 1 week or so should work.
  3. why do you want to flush between veg and flower? In flowering you really need to kick up the nutes anyway.

    But 1 week to flush is right.
  4. Look at me bringing back a 5-year-old thread, wut!

    My question is, instead of flushing, can you just stop feeding your plant nutes and give it pure water instead for the last week or so before harvest? So instead of flushing just continue regular watering cycle without nutes.

    Would that work or is flushing still necessary?
  5. Yea you definitely don't want to flush it before changing to flower, just no reason for it. It needs alot of N still for the first week or 2 of flower.

    effektz - Yes flushing is neccesary. The point is to flush all the built up salts and unused nutrients in the soil/roots in order to get the best smoke. You have to do this all at once or it won't do much. However, I would say that giving it just water and no nutes at the end is better than nothing. You may want to aim for more like 10-14 days if you go that route though.

    check this:

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