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how long does it take to feel the muscle relaxer?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SmokeLemenT, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. just snorted one.. how long does it normally take? anyone?
  2. Which muscle relaxer? It probably won't do shit if you snorted it.
  3. i dunno it was a white oval and had like px173 or rx173 some shit like that i think
  4. Couldn't find it in the pill identifier. I don't think muscle relaxers usually have much recreational value, if any. I had some but they never did anything for me, much less snorting them.
  5. Muscle relaxers are nice to...well...relax with. Nice body "high" with a clear mind.

    And LOOK SHIT UP BEFORE YOU SNORT IT. Damn. If you had snorted cyclobenzaprine, you'd of messed up bad. A lot of stuff is just as good to chew.

  6. i have snorted them nothing bad happened really abosolutely nothing happened
  7. You'd be the first I've heard about. I've seen a hard fuck reduced to tears it burned so much, and for a long ass time too. He was flipping the fuck out to put it lightly.

    The nostril is pretty much shot.
  8. The only recreational muscle relaxers are Somas and you just don't insufflate em... pop that shit orally.

    too bad you don't have any Somas.

    But while you're at it why don't you go snort some zoloft and huff some gasoline... that'll get ya fucked up.

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