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How Long Does It Take To Build Up A Tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nckdaman, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. I smoke just once every weekend. Some of my friends have to smoke a shit load of weed, i do like 3 times less:hello:. Will I slowly need to do more if i only do it once a week or would i have to smoke more frequently to see a difference?
  2. naa youll be fine if you smoke once a weekend, i usually only smoke once a day and i can still get pretty damn high from a bowl. haha :rolleyes:
  3. ur good if ur only smoking one a week, it really depends on the person to, each person will develop a tolerance differently then someone else
  4. The more often you smoke, the more tolerance you'll have. Once a week is pretty light use though, so yours hopefully won't develop too quickly. It's different for everybody though, because tolerance is also effected by how much you smoke, what kind it is, and how much body fat you have.

    Also, I think being in a new situation will always make you feel higher than if you're sitting in your usual smoke spot.

    I only smoke on weekends anymore, and it keeps my tolerance right where I want it.
  5. I think your friends are just used to getting more high, tolerance dissipates fairly quickly. My tolerance built up noticeably after smoking 2 times a day 2 joints each time for 3 weeks. But I mean that's an alright amount. You should be fine with once a week.
  6. Yea dude as previously mentioned if you smoked multiple times a day it may take a few weeks for you to not be ripped...yet it will never be like your first time ever...sorry!
  7. Thanks guys! I look forward to letting a gram last me 10 times getting stoned.:smoking:

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