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How long does it take to build up a tolerance?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mookie0608, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. I have a medical marijuana card for chronic pain. I felt like I been using my pax 3 all wrong even though I can taste and smell the bud. Used cbd shark shock and could not even get High or a buzz, and the dispensary told me cbd strains can’t get you high regardless of how much you do. Then I tried sour og other night, and half a draw could not give me any effect mentally but did offer a little pain relief stronger then the shark shock. So figured I had to be doing something wrong.

    I rolled a joint today just to test out a theory, and well to see if I would get better pain relief then the pax 3. smoked 3 quarters maybe a little more on a 79 mm raw hemp rolling paper about the thickness of a cigarette and out of no where it hit me and i new I over did it. Dispensary told me no matter how much u vape/smoke high cbd strains won’t let the thc play with you, yet I still got incredibly messed up but took back control after the intense feeling started to wear in about 1 hour 30 minutes.

    My question is does the dreaming and walking in place ever go away? Or get better or a tolerance built up for it? As well the pain relief was better then vaping but still maybe a solid 2 hour pain relief. I need something that will last hopefully at least 4 hours. So if I goto a high thc strain is this high going to be stronger then the cbd? As in a more intense high of what I went through today?

    Ultimately my goal is to over come this feeling if I can and work my way into stonger high thc strains without getting discouraged and giving up in medical marijuana as it really does help with pain now I can officially say since the length of the high I felt no pain and like my muscles were relaxed/tingly and it was amazing to not be in pain just didn’t last long at all.
  2. "Are you inhaling?"
  3. Yes inhaling. And with vaporizer /pax 3 tried Inhaling as well but the joints the one that got me feeling this way but had better pain relief but still didn’t last too long at least I don’t think 2 hours is that great
  4. Try edibles bruv

  5. A high THC strain is going to have a much stronger effect than a high CBD strains - High CBD strains generally have under 2% THC while a high THC strain could be 20%+ THC... The high will definitely be more intense, but it may help better for pain relief.

    Start slow and your tolerance will build over time. I started smoking on a daily basis back when I was about 19-20 and it took about 3-6 months of that before realizing "huh, I used to get really stoned when I smoked one bowl, but now I gotta smoke two, and the high doesn't last as long" and I realized I had developed a tolerance. Fast forward to now, my tolerance is way higher since I have started smoking hash oil on a regular basis, but everyone is different with how long it will take to develop a tolerance, and if you don't smoke on a regular basis then you won't really develop one, you will just understand what the effects will be better

    As far as the length of time, inhalation will only be good for 2-3 hours max and will shorten to about an hour when you have built up a tolerance. The best method for long term relief is edibles. They will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in based on your metabolism but you will feel the effects for 4-6 hours. You can always take an edible, then smoke or vape a little bit to help with pain relief for the hour or two waiting for the edible to kick in and then you should be good to go. Just note, THC is more psychoactive when you eat it so if you eat too much the high can be very intense, so start slow with 5 or 10 mg of THC in an edible and slowly work your way up to find the dose that is right for you. For me, that is at least 100 mg but again, I have a very high tolerance
  6. When I first got my card I smoked half a fat joint with 7%CBD 8%THC. I was completely lost in space for a good 4 hours.
    Now my tolerance is higher but I can still get pretty stoned off a high CBD strain, don't underestimate them.

    I think your ticket for pain, as mentioned above, will be edibles. More of a slow onset that eases you in, but last a good amount of time. Start low dose with these and feel them out, or you'll be lost in deep space for 8+ hours lol

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