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How Long Does It Take To Become A Rookie Again

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Still wondering, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. First off all I barley smoke but would like to lose every last bit of tolerance I have and stretch a fat stash a long as I possible can do you think one month is long enough
  2. Yes one month is plenty of time if you stop using it completely.  Especially if you didn't have a significant tolerance in the first place
    Depending on how much you smoke and for how long, even 2-3 weeks would do it
  3. If you barely smoke then you basically have no tolerance anyway. 
  4. The lower your tolerance is to begin w the faster it goes away

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  5. if you barely smoke you have almost no tolerance to start with, so you don't need to take such a long break.
    You need to toke on a daily basis to build up a signifiant tolerance
    But yeah, 1 month is enough to lose a good chunk of my tolerance if I've been smoking daily for many months in a row.
  6. If you barely smoke, there's really no point in taking a T break.
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    A month is sufficient time for most folk's bodies to clear themselves of THC. Think of it this way- if a drug test can't find any THC metabolites, you are CLEAN!
  8. One week is significant time to lower your tolerance again, but I've NEVER been able to acheive the highs that I once had when I was a "rookie", I do still get really high, but I'm a little older, a little more aware of my mind/body. 
  9. You'll never get as high as you first did. I took a year and a half break and a 6 month break, smoked an O at the end of the second in one day, still didn't feel the same as the first, cuz the first is a new experience

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  10. Nobody is ever a rookie again. You can get close but you'll never hit that high again. Good luck.
  11. 1 month and 1 week my opinion
  12. Your brain doesn't forget something like that, you'll never have a better experience than you got the first few times no matter how much you smoke or how long you wait. You'll definitely get way higher than normal though.
  13. I wish someone told me my first time..."hit this shit good. You'll love it and it'll never be as good as your first. You'll be a smoker for life now trying to achieve your first high"
  14. One month is plenty..especially since you aren't a heavy smoker
  15. You will never become a rookie again.
    Your tolerance will be lower after a month-long break but when you start toking again you will gain it right back.
  16. I took a year t-break for reasons, and i can say, that it was like I was a rookie again, haha, I really have to think about how good it was the second time.
    I think most of us know that weed makes us forgetful, and I think that being high that first time was such a memorable time in your life, that you felt even higher. Almost like you were high on life. Next time you get really super duper high, think back about that first time you got high, smoke even more, keep thinking about it. You can get pretty close guys haha.

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