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how long does it take thc to enter your body for a dirty urine test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kick1833, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Okay, so my problem..... I very rarely smoke, like one hit every few months. My husband does daily tho. Today, around 1pm I took one hit off his pipe. Not huge, didn't even cough. But I came into work at 4pm and got popped for a random drug test at 5pm. Will this come back dirty? Will this show up in my system? Before this small hit, I would say I haven't smoked for 2/3 months. Again when I do, it's only 1 hit... I AM FREAKING OUT! I did drink a cup of java and a monster after.
  2. Urine after just four hours? I think you're okay personally. Lungs provide oxygen (and what ever else you breathe in) directly to your blood from my understanding. Then ends up stored in your fat cells where it will appear in urine for a month to two months roughly. I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure that process takes more than four hours.
  3. If you smoke so rarely it won't even stay in your system nearly that long afterwards for whatever its worth. Hopefully you aren't tested THAT often.
  4. I only work a 4 day work week and will be freaking out all weekend..... goodness I feel so stupid for doing it. I have an awesome career and don't want to blow it over 1 hit, ya know
  5. I've worked there for 2 year and this was my first random.
  6. Ouch...bad timing. Good luck
  7. I love being able to reject random drug testing as its not part of my clause in my contract. Though if you did only urine you may have a chance. A saliva sample is your real worry first.

    As for the piss test lets pray your bodys system is slow
    Good luck

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  8. Good Luck
    And remember to post so others can learn from your results
  9. You should be good. Most people don't know this but drug tests aren't an all or nothing thing. There is typically a threshold of X amount of substance allowed before it pops. I'd wager with such a small amount consumed and your infrequency of use, I think you will be good. Goodluck... Let us know
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  10. I w
    I'll let everyone know how it goes. I won't know until Monday because I only work Monday thru Thursday. Say a prayer
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  11. I havent heard yet, but I did talk to HR today, not about this just general shit. The way I look at it is no news is good news
  12. I'm still employed, so I passed
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  13. Woooo! Congratz. Or they dont care about mj.

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