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How long does it take for weed to take effect?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gingerboi, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. I've been smoking for a couple months now, and it takes about 5-10 minutes to feel high. Is this normal? A lot of my friends get high near instantly.

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  2. Yes it's normal. Tolerance, strain, etc. can all affect how long it takes. Btw, how old are you?
  3. It effects everyone differently. Smoking gets me baked within 1-3 minutes for most strains, especially indica dominants. Some people don't get high ever regardless of strain. Some buds can be "creeper" which might take another 5-15 minutes to kick in after smoked. Also whenever I smoke a sativa dominant / upper strain- like Zeta Sage for example- I never "feel" high, I just feel a little buzzed like after 2 cups of coffee.

    Have you ever smoked a dab/concentrate? If you're not headchanged after a cough inducing concentrate hit then you are a rare specimen.
  4. for me:
    4 minutes in I should feel something.
    8 minutes in I should be able to say I am high
    12 minutes in I should be in my high and high as fuck.
    This is after the first hit (0 minutes), I take two hits (two small bowls), and the first one starts the time, I usually hit the second bowl 2-3 minutes in.

    I dont know why, but I always time it and take a hit after the clock changes, and use this 4-8-12 minute set up, to judge my high and how good the weed is. Hope this helps
  5. N10 looks like you're on the typical spectrum. I usually smoke a joint (snicklefritz from last grow) and put it down when I start to feel something (about 3-5 minutes after sparking) and get a pleasant manageable stone

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