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How long does it take for Dopamine levels to restore in your brain?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by shadyonedeath, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. If you're a daily smoker, dank, can you deplete your brain chemicals that make weed 'function'?

    Is that what happens when people need a tolerance break? They've depleted their euphoric resources? Also, what is 'burnout'? Can you really burn out your brain by just smoking too much and not living a healthy lifestyle? Can you do permanent damage?

    I can't go one day without needing a hit. I'm an addict, but they carries in other various faucets of life too, for me. But even when I get that hit, the high isn't even great. It just...is okay. Like i'll feel good for 30 min, then the come down destroys me and sends me down a depression spiral.

    Even if I stop, like most of you would recommend, I get healthy for about 3-4 months, look great, body fit, healthy food...and then life gets boring as I depersonalize from time to time and realize how futile all my 'sober' efforts are. And i'm back to the grass.
  2. I think it depends on your mood. I feel like ABSOLUTE SHIT right now so smoking, drinking, and all that jazz is just causing me to run around a problem... which is ironic, because before this happened, I never wanted to be in a situation where I had to smoke or drink to run around from a problem. I wanted to do those activities to help enhance my life.

    When I was feeling good in my sober life, weed was great. Sure, I wasn't getting retardedly high like when I first started, but I could back during my smoke seshs and just be content with what I had. I could say "life is good". I miss that feeling. I miss it so much.

    Dude, whats going on in your life? Do you have any really depressing issues or do you just consider yourself a weed addict?
  3. Issues? I got many. My body/mind has been going through severe changes that no one knows to seem whats going on, except for esoteric religions describing a "Kundalini". It fits, but I still don't know how its helping me or how to utilize it. I can't even meditate anymore, my eye lids wont stop moving and it distracts me. I can't fall into state, even with weed. I feel like I might have damaged something. (yes have tried to smoke myself retarded numerous time...)

    Im aware of too much information my brain can process now. I don't know if weed caused this, but it definitely helped. I just know and feel too much throughout the day. its draining. The things I see people do, when others don't even realize what they're motives/intentions are is so hard. Its like I have to live pretending I don't see peoples intentions, because if you bring them to light, peoples ego's don't like that. Ego doesn't like to be discovered. I can say I'm pretty good at watching peoples ego's.

    Anyways, all this and a bag of chips. I'll top it off. I also can't motivate myself to change (except for playing guitar). So lack of getting on the boat is also a big problem.

    see what you did steve, got me all ranting and shit.
  4. Its all good dude, I'm glad you brought those to light. While I can't see a person's intentions, I'm in situation where I just feel so shitty that I have to drink and smoke cigarettes to run away from my problems. Like I said before, it is ironic because I never wanted to be in a situation like that, but now I am. I'm young and never been in trouble with the law (other then probation), but all I'm doing with my life right now is getting up, going to school, and coming home. I have no social life to speak of, having asperger's makes it hard to make friends. Sure, I'm doing better in school then before, but I have no life to come too after I'm down with that and I realize it will get worse from here when I enter the adult world of working.

    It doesn't help that I had no social life in high school whatsoever.

    I don't know what to say. You apparently see problems with your constant weed smoking. I guess maybe you should take a break is all I can say and hopefully let your dopamine restore itself.
  5. Cannabis works by sending cannabinoids to the brain that trigger the chemical anandamide's production. This results in an expansive imagination among other things.

    You can not run out of these chemicals or neurotranmitters because your brain makes it's own, what you can run out of is omega-3.

    Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is used to repair the endocannabinoid system in your brain (the structure that allows you to get high and performs necessary tasks such as sending kill commands to cancerous cells.) and the average diet doesn't get enough of it.

    You can get more by taking fish oil or flax seed oil.

    Also you're more than likely using cannabis as a coping mechanism for other problems. I personally use it as an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and a mild anti-psychotic. I could quit tomorrow forever and I would have withdrawal symptoms but after a month I would be back to normal and not even thinking of it and you woul too.

    In all due respect perhaps you're a wearer person than, unable to get through cannabis withdrawal. Or maybe the problem goes deeper, It sounds like your relationship with cannabis isn't healthy and you should rework it.
  6. It takes around 30-90 days for your brain to become completely receptive of dopamine again, 90 ish days for it to start producing adequate levels of dopamine again... look up neurogenesis it might help. And the burnout feeling is mostly from the constant CBD being fed to your brain from your fat supply which goes away for the most part in a few days but also because of how weed changes the structure of dopamine.
  7. Well, I been sober for 1 years and a couple of months and my dopamine levels are restored, if not, better than they were before. From what I've read, smoking cannabis doesn't release dopamine. If anything, my dopamine receptors were damaged by my lack of exercising and lack of proper nutrition. What I've notice from me being healthy is that I'm even more happy when I socialize. Being healthy and alone is just as boring as being unhealthy and alone. The chemical that is making socializing enjoyable is oxytocin.

    Oxytocin: The Hugging Hormone

    "Social stimulation naturally increases oxytocin levels. Some researchers suggest that oxytocin may have an "addictive" quality. In other words, the "high" humans receive from the release of oxytocin might trigger us to continue in social relationships."

    So yeah, talking with friends, or talking with your family members (as long as you're actually talking, not arguing [​IMG]) will release oxytocin.

    If you looking to increase those dopamine recetors, cardio exercise and b vitamins are the way to go.

    "According to a study on the relationship between dopamine and obesity published in the February 2001 edition of "The Lancet," researcher Nora Volkow noted that previous studies conducted on animals have found that cardiovascular exercise can "increase dopamine release and to raise the number of dopamine receptors." According to this study, people with fewer-than-average dopamine receptors have an increased inclination toward drug addiction and obesity as they try to increase dopamine production through drugs or eating."
    "According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, vitamin B12 aids in the production and metabolism of several brain chemicals, including dopamine. As a result, deficiencies in the vitamin may lead to decreased production of dopamine in the brain, leading to diminished dopamine signaling."
  8. I feel you bro, I currently have external exams and have a lot of pressure but at the same time I can't get my mind of bud also I have been smoking daily for awhile causing me to have a high tolerance and when I smoke I doesn't feel as good as it used to be. I don't know whether or not exams being on my mind is ruining the high or if its just tolerance.
  9. Moderation is key.
  10. Try to keep it to once a day, preferably at the end of the day after your responsibilities are taken care of. This has been working for me, and my tolerance stays pretty low. And its a great way to end the day
  11. Im on a T-break right now after a year and two months of everyday use...i can say that i feel awesome not being high for a change...im on day 3 now haha and it's not that bad...here is what i do when im on a break and want to smoke...i buy weed as i would if i was smoking and stash it....by the time i end my T-break i will have shit ton of weed...i dunno why but this is the only way i can go on a break...
  12. I wish my t-breaks would come easy, I smoke to ease my sweating ( probably an underlying anxiety problem ) like I SWEAT profusely if I don't smoke. A week is hard for me because I always get really self conscious lol. I'm on day One right now.....sweating.
  13. I also sweat a lot from my armpits when i'm on t-break .. idk maybe is linked to anxiety. even 5 months off and still the same problem. T-break starting november till new eyears eve :eek: relatively to dopamine levels i think that you must detoxify all the green from your boody first.. i think! 1 year maybe

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