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How long does it take for cannabis edibles to kick in ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by DaN Th3 WeeD, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. If on a empty stomach how long does it take for cannabis edibles to kick in ?
  2. 20-40min or so
  3. lets say i was to buy a dub sack and eat it would it get me high?
  4. It still takes about that long. The THC takes some time to get in your system. More bud just means more high.
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    if you cooked it in firecrackers or something.. but eating the buds straight..no
  6. Make firecrackers, damnit. I'm fucking tired of telling people that eating bud straight won't get you too high, and will probably not taste all too good. Firecrackers take 10 fucking minutes, just make them.
  7. I was assuming we were talking about making some sort of weed edibles. Eating weed straight would just be straight-up dumb.
  8. and taste shitty
  9. i ate a blunt roach before and got pretty buzzed, the leaf was pretty oily
  10. for me its about an hour bc my metabolism is really slow. marijuana green tea works fast on me though
  11. And how exactly do you make firecrackers? Sorry, I'm new to most of this jazz.
  12. Thank you sir. I just discovered that there is a whole thread on firecrackers.

  13. Something tells me that only worked because the weed in the roach had already been heated already by your lighter.
  14. In my experience with edibles, I start to feel them after about 1hr 15 minutes -- Everything starts to get slow.

    Peak is around 2 hours in, peak for about an hour, come down for about 4 hours.

    This is on an empty stomach.
  15. Well it depends on what level of taking affect you're talking about. Just as it begins to kick in or the peak?
    I frequent the cookies - a friend of mine likes to cook them. Generally they begin to kick in at about 40 minute. As a rule of thumb I just compare it to how long dingers take to affect me and double it.
    As for peaking depending on the weed and how much there is it could take anywhere between 2-3 hours to peak.
    Yet I only have one distaste towards eating and it's that you can eat too much without really noticing it - which I'm sure to some is fine. But I like to hit a comfortable high and sort of stick there.
  16. Firecrackers take about an hour to take effect.

    They are a very efficient way of eating weed, and get you super blazed using less weed than other edibles.

    Warning: They taste like shit though. It's quite amazing how horrible those things can be.

  17. most likely youre right but it worked:D
  18. No it didn't, and if it did you were imagining it.

    THC needs to be extracted by a fat or oil in some way or form and needs to be cooked or stored with the fat to bond and work, hens why every recipe you see (with weed included) takes either oil, butter, or a fatty base for the chemicals in the bud to be active and has to be cooked at the appropriate temperature.

    Or, in many other cases Marijuana can be used to recipies with beverages (like coffee, or even lemonade). Even these are specially prepared to extract the working THC in the bud.

    Reguardless, you need to take these steps and you cannot possibly get high off bud from a roach.

    It takes approxemetly 40 minutes to two hours to kick in depending on many factors.

    You can find more detail at the GC Recreational Marijuana Use under the sub-section Incredible, Edible Herb :)

  19. Mine tasted fucking good. Nutella/Gcrackers.

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