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how long does it take for brownies to kick in

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by flintboy292, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. I made a batch of brownies last week and I sold one of the brownies to a kid and he said 1 got him kushed and i just ate 2 almost 2 hours ago and i dont feel anything.. how long does it usually take for you guys with high tolerances
  2. just keep eating them until you're high. don't eat them too fast though unless you don't mind getting seriously baked out of nowhere :smoking:
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  3. What kind of a recipe did you use?
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    This. Don't do this.

    Digesting cannabis can take several hours to come in effect, I would highly recommend not eating until it kicks in. Eat a bit now, see how you feel in about an hour, and than you be the judge.
  5. well, ya know, the worst that can happen is that he can get really really high..
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    You laugh now.... Later however you'll be FUCKING high

    As for the question. It's just like swimming, wait 30 min after eating. Then you can jump in the water and realize holy shit this feels good.
  7. You've never had edibles have you? Just guzzling them down until you start feeling effects is a terrible idea.

    Being higher than you wanted to be for an extended time isn't fun.
  8. Took me 90 minutes before I felt anything and I wasn't even sure it had kicked in until after 2 hours then 3-4 hours after eating them I passed out
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  9. hahahaha welcome to edibles
  10. for some reason edibles never get me stoned. i don't get it
  11. usually 30 mins
  12. yea, you're right, i've never had edibles. not

    there's no such thing as higher than i wanted to be, so guzzling them down is a great idea for me.

    but yea, op, i guess if you don't toke up often, just do what these guys said. eat one every hour or so, but chill out if you feel it kick in at all. because you definitely can get super super high
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  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU6AVtQethw]YouTube - Cop Eats Pot Brownies, Calls 911[/ame]

    Ingesting marijuana is much more different than when you smoke it.

    Take it slow and make sure you know how much your putting in your batch.
  14. Usually takes me around 30-45 minutes to feel the very first effects and 45-75 minutes to really get into the swing of things.

  15. Smoking everyday for the last 8 years man, I've got a pretty decent tolerance going on here. Yet brownies can still kick the shit out of me if I take enough, if you keep eating until you feel the initial effects, you could be forcing cannabis down your throat for a matter of hours.
  16. If you kept eating "baked" goods (properly made ones) until the high came around, you wouldn't be awake for long until passout time.

  17. Its been awhile since you posted and you haven't replied with your results? So I'm curious, did you get high, how long did it take to affect you, and how was it???

    I remember the first time I ate brownies I ate them till I got high ate my last brownie around 8pm, and WOW I woke up stoned the next day and had to be at work at nine AM!!! It sucked I ended up puking at work. :(
  18. 30 min and it was a crazy good brownie too. DONT DISRESPECT OR UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF EDIBLES!

  19. well no, i know what you mean. but that's why i was saying to eat them at a slow pace. i wasn't saying to just recklessly eat them until he felt high haha i'm sure he didn't know his tolerance with edibles, so i figured with this method he could just eat until he felt high, eating no more than 3 or 4 brownies. it's basically what everyone else said... i just made it really complicated i guess lol
  20. im laughing my ass off imagaining someone do that XD:smoking:

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