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How long does it take before I can access Nirvana?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by IIIQBIII, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. I donated for a membership, and I was wondering how long it would take to be applied to my account. I want to check out the Nirvana forums.. :smoking:

    Could someone please let me know..
  2. your status is manually changed by an admin/mod (idk which), usually takes 1-2 weeks
  3. It only took a couple of days for me...
  4. Just a few days here too...although I've seen it take a bit for some people...

    No'll happen...:)
  5. Then I shall have to wait..

    Thanks for the replies!
  6. ya dont forget it's holiday season so expect even longer wait times on everything

    all be it the end but still my point is Bong rips
  7. see you in there buddy
  8. Yeah I'm still waiting too....silly me picks Christmas day to gift myself a membership :confused_2:
  9. :laughing: Me too.. :smoking:
  10. im goin to wait another month or so before i buy my member ship

  11. The "secret santa" code worked on memberships last month as well.

    I bought mine a few days before xmas as well.
  12. The code that's up right now works for 10% off...I renewed mine yesterday and used it...:)
  13. It will be fun!

  14. There was a 30% off sale for 4/20 last year. Why not wait until then?
  15. Yeah I used the Santa code myself.. :D

    I cannot wait to see whats in there.. I know that may sound strange, but it will be nice to see threads with more depth.. :)

  16. Huh.
    Sounds like you're cruisin the wrong threads :D

  17. Wow...Nirvana...there's just so much DEPTH! :wave:

    Don't get your hopes up. I joined because I wanted to support the site and give back...good thing :D
  18. I might be.. :smoking: But I'm still searching..

    To me its just unknown, so its something I want to know I suppose..
  19. Did you fill out a ticket? (quick links>ticket system)
  20. #20 IIIQBIII, Jan 11, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2013
    Yeah man. I'm just hoping its because of the holiday's or whatever. I'll give it another couple of weeks before I ask anyone anything. I'm enjoying cruising through the forums anyhow..:D

    Edit: Thank you for pointing to that system, I added a ticket.
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