How long does it take a post to go through?

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  1. I sent in a reply to a thread hours ago and havent seen it since. Tried sending it again 30 min later and still nothing. How long does it take to be approved to post?
  2. no time at all.. might have been because your account needed to be activated? if you made a thread you should be able to post.
  3. I did activate my account, but I was posting my very first reply to a thread with many posts. Not sure if was because Im a new user or the type of thread it was. But I ended up writing everything over and posting it again. Hopefully it works! -_-
  4. Are there links or pictures in your post?

    Sometimes these things can get get in the spam filters...a mod may have to look at it and approve it...otherwise it should show up right away...
  5. No links or pictures. It was a lengthy post though, would that make a difference?
  6. the thread could be locked? there's a couple times i tried posting in a locked thread on the mobile app and there's no way of telling if its locked or not on the app.

    edit: lengthy posts don't matter, you can post the whole twilight series if you wanted to....please don't though

  7. Im on my PC, and doesnt seem to me like the thread is locked because someone else posted to the thread 4 hours ago. And this is how long I've been trying to post a reply! 4 hours.... Maybe I'll get started on that Twilight series post.. :p
  8. UPDATE:

    Don't know what the difference between "Quick Reply" and the plain old "Reply" but quick reply worked! Now I feel silly.

    Thanks for all your input!
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  10. I would maybe try logging out and logging back in then trying to use quick reply again. Such a coincidence because the same thread brought me to GC, and we had the same issue.

    Let me know if that helps at all :)

  11. Btw, I posted the last post through "Reply" and not "Quick Reply"
  12. Usually its immediately try again after a couple of minuts

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