how long does it take a bong to arive?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by lillmanj, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. i recently purchased an acrylic bong off this site and on the status it says it hasnt even shipped yet and it has been like 5 days im just wondering is this normal?
  2. Look up the top of this page....
    "For questions regarding orders from the Shop, please use the support center at"
  3. same thing with me, i placed an order like 2 weeks ago but it says it hasnt even shipped in my account. ive emailed and filed a support ticket but still nothing. All ive heard from grasscity is an email confirming my order thats about it. Hopefully i hear from them soon.
  4. don't worry it will ship all right and alll support tickets are answered,

  5. ya same here, I ordered a pipe and still says "Has not shipped yet..." Haven't heard from the "support team" either.

    1 week and counting...
  6. same for me.

    Ordered with the express delivery as well, man do I feel like a jackass now. 35 dollars for nothing.
  7. support

    No need to feel like a jackass. If there's an issue, Superjoint will make it right. :) He always does. That's one thing that makes the Grasscity Shop so great. :)

    Click on the link I provided above and contact support if you are having issues. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  8. I've made several attempts at contacting customer service, but dont ever get any answers. I can't even get my tracking number.

    But never mind, I'm fairly sure now that I'll atleast get the goods sooner or later. Though I'm still bummed out about the pricey express delivery not rly being that express.

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