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how long does it stay fresh?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by basshead0, May 21, 2010.

  1. After breaking up the bud, how long will it stay good and fresh in a ziplock?
  2. For anything I am hanging on to for more than a week or so, I keep whole nugs in a mason jar.

    I usually grind about 2-3 days worth out of the jar and keep that in a little tupperware container. I have used this up to a week or so without it getting too dry, but I usually will forget to put the lid on and it will dry out completely oevrnight (which is why I only grind a bit at a time).

    If you have to use ziploc, make sure they are the good freezer bags, otherwise, stick to glass or plastic airtight containers. And don't forget to keep your bag closed when you aren't using it!
  3. Ziplocs aren't great to store bud for a long time, I wouldn't trust them over a month. But if it's stored in a cool, dry place, the method of storage doesn't really matter. Some people like to keep it in a freezer, so maybe that'll work for you. I've only seen mould on weed once, and it was very visually noticeable, so just check it before you smoke, and happy toking!
  4. I put a joint in an xbox 360 game container, then forgot about it. Two weeks later i decided i wanna play some MW2 and found the joint in there haha. I smoked it, and it burnt and tasted perfectly fine !
  5. well its been 5 days and its in a ziplock, which is in another case thing.

  6. hahaha thats some funny shit man.:smoking:
  7. I bought a small cigar humidor and keep my weed in that...its keeps it fresh/moist for a longggg time!
  8. As soon as i pick up a zip i instantly empty its contents into a air tight glasses / plastic jars. space case ftw :)
  9. it will be fine for awhile I wouldn't worry about it.

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