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how long does hash stay in your system

Discussion in 'General' started by potsmoker995, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to know how long hash stays in your system so if anyone knows could they help me out
  2. The same time as Bud.
  3. I guess I do not know 100% but its just THC so I assuming the normal amount of time it would take for regular marijuana. Certain variable of course.
  4. Whenever I eat hashbrowns I usually poop em' out the next morning.
  5. Sounds like you've inhaled too much hash. :laughing:

  6. that doesent really answer my question but thanks for that contribution anyway
  7. It's been answered. Same amount of time as bud
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    yeah but how long does bud stay in your system?
  9. yes but everywhere says a different lenght of time so i tought id see what people on grasscity tought
  10. For
  11. What type of retarded answers are these? Look at this thread so many useless people spamming on about nothing. For Christs sake if you can't answer his question don't post a dumb spam message it is annoying and immature. Anyways, I have read somewhere that Hash is three months but then other places say different so I really do not know. Then again it is just THC so probably the same as the ganja.
  12. At the same time, why not use the fucking search function and find millions of answers to the same exact question that gets asked AT LEAST once a week on here? I mean come on...if you want a fast answer there are a bunch of better ways to get it than to post the question here and wait for the answer.
  13. a month at the most, and thats if you're an everyday toker. what the fuck grasscity.
  14. Correct.

    But it's bullshit.
    It's less dangerous then all the other ''drugs'', if you even call it a drug, but it stays for the most longest time in your system.
    Coke for example, 3 days.

    Tssss :eek: I've got a drugtest once in my life, I was a minor at that time. The police asked me on forehand if I used any drugs, I said no. They came back and they told me I did use drugs, I said oh really, what drug may that be? ''Marijuana'' ..started laughing my ass off and said that ain't a drug, it's a goddamn plant for christ sake

    Anyhow Im sonted and drunk at the moment so I'ma leave you to it.

    It stays in your system for about a month, and that's only if you toke everyday, like the person above me said.


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