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How long does grass city take to ship?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Ngrown8, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. I ordered my shipment on the 28th and I got a verification email on the 31st. I've still yet to receive any of my products I purchased! Is this normal for a California purchase?
  2. Grasscity is located in The Netherlands. Shipping takes a while because it has to go through US Customs, which is always a clusterfuck.

    Almost all of my shipments have come in about 2 weeks. Some took up to 2 months. It all depends on how fast Customs moves stuff.
  3. its all customs i have had a order take upto 2 months but i think the average for the us is a little over a month
  4. u get it yet? keep us informed.
  5. 2 months? Thats's sick! It took about a week to get mine and I live in sweden. Hope you get it soon! Peace :)

  6. Sweden delivery should be way faster compared to US.

    Question to you though , would you like to see a Swedish language on Shop and do you think a Swedish language will help to people from Sweden ?
  7. Of course, sweden are a little closer than the us :)

    I dont understand what you mean?

  8. Gnik is asking if you think having Swedish as a language option for the Shop will be a good thing. Do you think Swedish will help more people from Sweden be able to use the Shop easily?
  9. I see, i don't think so, everyone here can read in english but it wont hurt :)
    Older people might have a little trouble to read but most of them wouldn't order online ayways, so I don't think it will make much of a difference :)
  10. What about items that say "ships from California" I have ordered one bong here before and it takes about a month to get to Cali from Netherlands. I have never had one ship from Cali though I would imagine it would not take so long IMO.

  11. If it ships from the US, then it wouldn't have to go through customs...customs is most often the major holdup, so it shouldn't take nearly as long to ship...
  12. anythin from cali should be way way faster
  13. Don't buy from here there shipping is horrible .

  14. I've bought from here over 20 times and I've only ever had an issue twice: because of Customs.

    Grasscity is a legit store. People get all uppity about shipping but if you take 2 minutes to read the shop FAQ before placing your order, it becomes crystal clear that shipping might take a while because of Customs if you're in the US. Personally, I do research into a company before I buy from them.
  15. I kinda want to buy a Pulse from here but shipping time is what worries me but they say it ships from Cali so I am still not sure that 15% of code saves about $50 on the piece.

  16. You really have nothing to worry about man, especially since it ships from within the US. You're golden.
  17. I live in Florida and just ordered mad scientist bong. Do you think that it would quicker than California? And if you don't mind, can you give me an estimated time of arrival? thank so much.
  18. Unfortunately there is no estimate we can supply officially.

    However lets make this clear :

    If an item is shipped from US Warehouse to a US address , the item is delivered pretty fast
    If an item is shipped from Amsterdam Warehouse to US address , there maybe some delays that is caused by Customs which we have no control at all.
  19. Enough said bruh, if they don't understand this there is no hope.

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