How long does DXM stay in your system?

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    I need an answer to my initial question from the community, my notion from googling is 3-5 days, also I'm wondering if anyone knows if DXM is tested for in military recruitment drug screenings (I doubt it due to the expense and difficulty for testing for DXM).

    Also after 3 days of a 300mg dose do you think there is any potential for a false positive for opiates/PCP?

    Keep in mind I am highly active and only weigh about 130 lbs and drink alot of fluids.
  2. It's in cough syrup, I do believe you will be fine.
  3. Yeah the logical parts of my brain keep telling me it's not an illegal drug and a government organization wouldn't test for it due to the fact that its not illegal.

    But alot of reports have surfaced about it's abuse in the military, so that's why it's got me wondering.
  4. Even if it did show up, just tell them you took some cough syrup for a bad cold. They cannot prove that you were tripping on it, or anything.
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    I think from my research the only way it's going to come up is in a false positive for pcp/opiates and there is no excuse for that, 40ml's of cough syrup (normal dose) won't do that so you can't just say oh I had a cold so i had some cough syrup.

    Either way I'm pushin my physical till next weed not this coming week just to be safe.

    Yes one of grasscity's very own will end up wielding an m16a2 rifle with grenade launcher and smoke grenades and other dangerous equipment that no stoner should ever be left with to be responsible for alone.

    I've been clean like a month now tho, so at least i won't be a stoner while on active duty.
  6. right now I'm on 330 mg's listening to the Massenger from infected mushroom trippin out on the visualizer.
  7. I just noticed i said weed instead of week two posts ago.

    I must miss it more than i think.
  8. my new sig thx lol

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