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How long does bud last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kingjacobo, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Yup. I have some potent stuff that I bought about 2 months ago and was wondering how long it keeps. I store it in a small ziploc baggie inside a larger one so the smell doesn't bleed through. I keep a tiny emergency stash in an airtight medicine container, how long will that last? What are signs that its time to throw it away? I'm a crazy tightwad and would rather smoke old stuff as long as it works then waste money.
  2. itll just get realllllllllly brittle if it gets dry otherwise, Ive smoked buds ive found around my desk which are prob a month old, still gets me high
  3. the best thing is to put ur weed in a mason jar bcuz it keeps it fresh alot longer than in a plastic bag....i have middies in mason jars that are a couple months old that are still fairly fresh but still get me crazy high
  4. til i smoke it all. :smoke:

  5. Thats the truth.
  6. Just freeze it, and hide it in a freezer good. or leave it out, but when its really dried out it gets you higher even tho it burns faster
  7. I wouldn't worry myself about bud losing potency. It will dry, and in my opinion, dry bud usually isn't as good as when it's fresh. It does however smoke a lot easier in a joint when it's dry.
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    I have had weed last 2 years in the freezer...found a burried bag when we were cleaning it out and because i date the bags going in i knew how long it had been there..smoked great ...tasted great ...although dry... nice bonus:)

    if your going to store long term start a bit dry. mold will form and ruin it if its too wet
  9. My weed doesn't last long enough to consider storage. Just keep it near me so I can smoke it whenever.
  10. Id imagine a very very long time if it is stored well.

    Didn't they find THC still in the ancient Chinese buds found last year?
  11. If it's dry I usally throw in an orange peel. That always mostiens it up and makes it taste orangey.

  12. Good way to grow mold
  13. I've gone months on the same purchase and it did get dryer but always did the job.
  14. question that doesn't deserve it's own thread:

    i'm looking at making a tray of vaped bud brownies, how long can i expect them to stay "fresh"? dumb question but first time making edibles besides firecrackers
  15. They will last long enough for whatever youre doing with them.

    But brownies get stale eventually man.
  16. It will last years. Keep it air tight. Should be fine. Signs to throw it out are mold spores.
  17. Wait for real. Ive done this at least 5 times and it turned dry bud into great bud. What happens if I use my air tight balls jar

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