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How long does attitude take to get a package to the midwest?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by GanjaGrower420T, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Just wondering how long would it generally take for a package from attitude to get to let's say Michigan in the US?
  2. Idk about the midwest but i get it in the west in 7-10 days on average
  3. Midwest will probably be around 2-2.5 weeks.
  4. Got my package in 5 days to Ohio. Just got them today
  5. well thats faster than I ever got it when i lived rock throwing distance from the customs office.

    in all seriousness though it depends how busy your post office is, and how far away you are from your local PO. If you live out in bumble fuck than 21 days is the longest it should take. orders from attitude are normally dispatched same day they're received [​IMG]
  6. I live on the most western point of the Continental US ( within 15 miles...) and it takes me about 15-20 days to get my seeds out here in BFE.

    most of you Midwesterners get to brag about 7-5 days before I do ...
  7. Takes atleast 3 weeks every order I have ever made.

    Only seedbank that delivered my seeds in under 3 weeks was Sannies and it was on day 14.
  8. ^^nice .. sannies till takes me almost 3 weeks..^^

    worth it though.

    what's funny is last few orders been from an Oregon breeder through Sannies. so the seeds were made less the 200 miles away, but traveled about 6000 to get to me.

    really need to get in contact with Doc P
  9. Ordered 2/4 (Saturday night, couldn't sleep)
    Dispatched Sun., 2/5 (really???)
    Arrived Customs 2/8
    Sat there while they put microscopic cameras in all my beans
    Departed Customs 2/14
    Arrived S. Ohio 2/21, call it 17 days counting the weekend order days
    They were delivered before USPS ever updated their post.

    But I predict your order will take one day less than mine.
    And why do they bother with the cameras? Can't see $hit from inside a rapid rooter plug!!!!
  10. I've had like 7 orders over the past 4 years. Christmas 2010 when they werent flying in the packages because of security, took 11days. I just got one that took 8 days only because it seems the post office left it behind once, because it went through the same sort center twice a day apart. The rest all came in 7 days flat. Including sundays.
  11. My order was Recieved Feb 28, Dispatched Feb 29, and recieved March 6. No guarantee, breeders packaging. Small town Midwest USA. 100% correct, nice freebie.

  12. Not doubting you but I find it really hard to believe that a package can come from overseas, go through customs and arrive at your house in 5 days. Thats amazing, crazy fast.
  13. Ya I was super surprised I thought my package was compromised but it was all good. On here i heard like 7-10 days was normal
  14. Hehe I'll be lucky if my latest order from the Tude makes it out of their facility in 7 days ;P. Lesson to self: don't order during a big promo if time is a factor.
  15. Ya lol that's y I ordered before there birthday promo
  16. I pulled the trigger a week early too so I could make sure I got the seeds I wanted. 2 packs of cali connection sour diesel and 2 packs of kens gdp. I figured I'd over sleep then they'd be gone.
  17. I'm thinking Ken sent the Tude like a troy ton of seeds, you're probably the 10th person I know who purchased 2+ packs of the GDP..
  18. I was kind of pissed at myself when I seen the cali connection promo get launched. I would've got my lazy ass up for those extra seeds and then the sour d and gdp were both in stock still Friday when the promo started. I thought about the tahoe og but I've had to many orders in the last 4 months to a non medical state and being a cancer survivor I have to limit my risks a little bit. So I'll wait until next year now.
  19. im right under ya and it took me eight days and i got a bad ass Marilyn Monroe t shirt.
  20. [quote name='"swishasweets"']im right under ya and it took me eight days and i got a bad ass Marilyn Monroe t shirt.[/quote]

    Same shirt lol

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