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How long does an O last you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ModestMau5, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. All in the title.
  2. About 29 days.
  3. I have never had an O before. I dream of such things
  4. you buy it and your like "awesome"this will last me forever. but sice you got so much, you smoke all day and smoke everyone out, and its gone in like a week, for me at least, if you dont do anything crazy and sling a lil bit of it
  5. God damn use the search bar.... But to answer, if it's just me, a month, if I'm always with friends, a few days
  6. This last O lasted me 2 weeks. It was 30Gs flat of sour og....damn it was DANK
  7. About 3 weeks, my favorite purple kush.
  8. couple weeks
  9. 2-3 weeks. I'd be smoking around 2 joints a day so prolly like a week now that I think about it lol
  10. Well I've been smoking for about 2 or 3 months and have probably only smoked around half an Oz because of low tolerance and the fact that I only smoke once or twice a week usually.
  11. most i buy at a time is a half oz. last half oz i bought lasted me about 4 days of constant toking (sold 2 grams).
  12. Damn, a quarter lasts me a long as an O lasts some of you guys, and I even sling some of mine
  13. [quote name='"nb8475"']Damn, a quarter lasts me a long as an O lasts some of you guys, and I even sling some of mine[/quote]

    Sell some of a quarter? Why's the point? No profit....
  14. ounce of named shit...week, week and a half
    ounce of brick weed...3 days or so.

    this is between me and my wife, medicating several times a day
  15. 37 seconds. Then I roll over and take a nap.
  16. 28 to 30 days. I smoke just about a gram a day
  17. Week or 2. Usually buy 4 different 8ths, some hash, and edibles and it'll last me about 5-6 days. Sometimes less if I smoke a lot of joints and blunts.
  18. 3-4 days...

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