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How long does an eighth last you, personally?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mads, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. How long does it take you to smoke an eighth?

  2. it really just depends.  if its a weekend and I'm hanging with a friend or two and they smoke, maybe just the weekend.  but i can make an eighth last a week or two if i need to.  my dealer always has top notch bud so it doesn't take much to get me flying high on that magic dragon.  
  3. 45 minutes. Maybe an hour. I like to space it out. Speaking of. If you watch Space Jam baked, I promise that various fluids will emerge from multiple orifices
    i see what u did there :bongin:
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    from a week and a half to two weeks if im smoking it to myself, i still have an insanely low tolerance, 2/3 years after taking up weed haha

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  6. When I first started 2-3 weeks. I was at the point of smoking over a quarter a week. The past couple weeks Ive just bought a 1/8th and toughed it out. Ive stretched this 1/8th I got on Saturday until today but Ive been really trying to conserve yesterday and today. Only have like .3 left and it needs to last another day.. It would be nice if I could comfortably make an 1/8th last for a week- week and a half.
  7. Usually about 10 days. But when I was living with my parents I took one hit before bed to help me sleep and that was it. I made a gram last 3weeks. :p

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    One hit? Damn your tolerance is low nigga xD it lasts me like 1 or 2 days
  9. Well I wasn't looking to get blazed, just help sleeping.

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  11. if its bud 5 days if its shake 2-3 days
  12. A week+ if im trying to conserve, a few days if not.
    I don't really try to conserve as much as I should though.
  13.  I should have read the other posts before posting =(
  14. If i have a bit of extra money to spend on weed then 1 session. Aka an hour but if i have normal amount of money then then a day maybe day and a half
  15. I smoke .5 daily so 6 days, if I do a gram a day itl be 3 days

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