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How long does active THC stay in the bloodstream?

Discussion in 'General' started by klx104, Jan 6, 2010.

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    I got pulled over for a DUI in September while visiting relatives in Wyoming and they gave me a blood test to determine if there was active THC in my blood or not. I have heard anywhere from 4 hours to 2 days. Does anyone have any idea?
  2. thought it was like a month..
  3. If you still felt high when they took the blood, then it was still in your system.

  4. active in bloooood. its not in your blood 24/7 lmfao.....
    thc is stored as fat, for around a month

    i would say active for a few hours. a simple search on google of 'thc is active for"

    Here it is for everyone
    THC is most commonly taken into the body by inhaling the smoke from marijuana "joints." A joint of good quality contains about 500 milligrams of marijuana, which in turn contains between 5 and 15 milligrams of THC. Blood levels of THC rise almost as rapidly after inhaling smoke as they do after intravenous administration of THC. That the drug should be so rapidly absorbed is an indication of the efficiency of the lung as a trap for the drug. THC is quickly redistributed into other tissues so that blood levels decline over the course of 3 hours to negligible amounts. The usual symptoms of marijuana intoxication are almost completely gone by that time.
  5. yeah man i was always told it remains active for up to 6 months :confused:
  6. Are you asking how long THC remains in your system for, because if so it is around thirty days. If you are asking how long THC remains in you system in the sense that it would keep you high, then I'm not sure, I guess around six hours until your stone cold sober (this is a guess)
  7. Shit, I always thought that they could detect THC in your blood for alot longer than in your urine....so basically you could pass a piss test after a few weeks, but not a blood test. I thought THC was detectable in your blood for up to 6 months?
  8. Yeah sorry you're probably right, I was thinking of urine test.
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    did you and the other guy not read my post?

    i thought it was clear in bold... guess not

    -immediatly, up to 3 hours after taking it is it found in blood.
    -then stored in fat for several days-possible over a month depending on metabolism. if ur fat and inactive it will be close to 30days and maybe over
    -then when released broken down in digestion and released with feces and urine.
  10. Sorry, didn't see that, but no need to be so rude about it.
  11. sorry, didnt mean to come off as rude lol
  12. I really hope it comes back negative. I didn't feel high at all. Had been about a day.

  13. you said you took the test in September? how long did they say for results? werid

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