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How long does a vaporizer store vapor?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by cozymon, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. For instance a ground glass vaporizer? I'm looking to buy one, but only smoke periodically in small doses. How long will the vapor be stored at a high potency level? Will it require me to leave the vaporizer on?

  2. What??

    First of all you don't smoke from a vaporizer.

    Second if you get a whip type vape you only get vapor when you pull for a single hit.

    How much are you looking to spend? Are you looking for a desktop unit or a portable?
  3. alright about 90% of this makes no sense
    you give me the impression you don't even know what a vaporizer is
    if you wanna buy one go with vapporbros
    peep on this video right quick, it will explain everything you must know

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyD254pM8H0]YouTube - Vapor Brothers Vaporizer: The Basics...[/ame]
  4. I had a VaporBros and it broke down in less than a year, around the same time it started to irritate my airways from all the buildup in the intake vent.
    I didn't even use the warranty(even though I could have) so I upgraded to a Da Buddha.
    It has a clean air source, a better heating element, a sturdier unit over all, a much much better whip angle AND it's a but more efficient.
  5. Sorry, to clarify: Is it possible to load a bowl for your vaporizer and hit it once or twice periodically throughout a multiple-hour span? What type of unit and what directions would be required? How long will the vapor stay highly potent?

    Thanks for the responses
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    Yes, but most vapes onlybtake a few minutes to heat up so it would probably be safer to turn it on for a few hits then turn it off for a while.

    Potent? Vapor is nothing like smoke, it doesn't go stale like smoke, it takes longer to absorb, so holding vapor in longer does get you higher... Unlike smoke.

    There are many different models, different types, different efficientsies, prices, ect.

    Where will you be using it and how much do you want to spend
  7. I'll be using it at home and I'm willing to spend less than $200.

    I guess instead of potency I should have been asking will the vapor leak out over several hours.

    So it'd be OK to turn the vaporizer off, then on again to reheat the vapors and take another hit? I got the impression from this video ((@ 4:06) [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9luNVYlT_E"]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame])) you had to leave the vaporizer on, i.e. turning it off would lose the vapor.
  8. hey man,

    what you have to understand, is when you use a vapourizer like that one (with a whip, a rubber hose), each time you want a hit, you pull the hot air (which comes from the hot element in that box there) through the weed in the whip tube, and get your vapour.

    the vapourizer doesn't create the vapour and store it... you pull the vapour by sucking air through the tube. when you're done your hit, you clear the tube of all the vapour, and that's it. the vape can stay on if you want... but all that means is the heating element is on.
  9. RIGHT... the unit produces vapor when it's turned ON...

    Get a Purple Days. Seems perfect got you. It's THE most efficient vape on the market( so you can control very small dosage) and it can stay on all day since it only used something like 8 watts but takes 45 minutes for the initial warmup and then you can leave it on the rest of the day.
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    Thanks, everybody. Things make are making more sense now. So no marijuana is vaporized, even if the unit is turned on, unless you are taking a hit?

    I'm thinking about getting an Aroma Classic Vaporizer which has gotten good reviews and just reheating the unit whenever I want a hit. I'll definitely look into Purple Days, though.

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