How Long Does A Quarter Last You?

Discussion in 'General' started by Studley Stoner, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I picked up a quarter yesterday, pretty shitty bud, smells a bit like compost and needs curing. Today I only have about 3.5 or so grams left, I'd say it'll be finished by tomorrow or the day after. How long do you guys take to finish 7 grams?

  2. 7 days. Works out nicely.
  3. These days 2 weeks.  Once upon a time probably 3-4 days
  4. Lately about 2 weeks. Maybe more.
  6. About a month.  Sometimes more like 3 weeks if I smoke during the daytime
  7. Depends on the bud, if it's dank 7g will last me 5-6 days. It just depends on what I'm doing that week. Sometimes less, sometimes more. It also depends if i've been dry for a while or not. Like now I've been dry for over a week so the next bag I get will last me a lot longer due to lowered tolerance.

    But I've got the super addictive personality syndrome so if I got 'em, I smoke 'em. :cool:

  8. usually a week but this past few weeks I've been going through a quad in like 3ish days  :confused_2: I'm not quite sure how I feel about that lol I'm probably gonna cut back
  9. About a day i usually smoke nonstop.
    Bytheway the new Gc sucks

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  10. How long does a quarter last me?
    As long as it takes to find the nearest gumball machine
  11. I can't even fathom how someone smokes a quarter in just a few days.  That is like 30-40 bowls of the size I'm used to
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    So far, 6 months! Smoke maybe once a week, and this strain is unusually more powerful than I'm used to. Takes me a good 3 sessions to finish 1 bowl. I love my low tolerance.
  13. Usually about a week; maybe more, maybe less.
    I used to take in about a gram-a-day, but I'm on a budget now so I'm breathing in less than I used to.
  14. Buy an oz every two weeks so, 3-4 days I guess?
  15. Good Lord
    I buy in eighths, and they generally last me a week. So, do the math. I usually only smoke like two, three bowls a day.
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    I smoke (vape) an 1/8th every 2 weeks.
    It's always really good nug too.. 
  17. about a month. Probably a bit under these days. I conserve hardcore though by only using glass and packing small 1-2 hit bowls
  18. Well when I smoke (which is not currently) I generally buy eighths and try to stretch them out over a week. If I bought a quarter though it would last me about a week.
  19. After skimming thru I'm happy to say about 5-7 days.

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