How long does a male take to produce pollen

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  1. hi i have an outdoor plant growing and im hoping its a male so i can make some hybrid seeds. My question is when will i be able to take pollen from the male and when should i pollinate the female plant. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. If it's outdoors than it's gonna be awhile! When it matures sexually before it actually starts flowering you'll know. You could get some pollen from it then. You generally want to pollinate the female about 3 weeks after buds start to develope. If you just want some seeds and not a whole shitload than shake some of the pollen from the male into a paper bag and then use a small paintbrush and brush it onto some of the smaller popcorn buds towards the bottom of the plant.
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    This site shows you when you will start getting 11 hours of darkness based on your location in the US:

    I have heard you can throw a covering over the plant to artificially shorten the day length. You can also cut the pollen before you pollinate which allows you to stretch a small amount.
  4. hey thanks for the good info guys:smoking:

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