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How Long Does A High Last With No Tolerance?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, May 25, 2013.

  1. I've just started smoking in the past (almost) 2 weeks. I'm a very "weekend" smoker so I don't smoke much, but assume I have no tolerance. How long should my high last then?
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    Few hours tops. Factors that affect how long the high will last is your tolerance level (low), the grade of the weed (mid, high grade? Kush?), among other things. (Do you actually inhale it down into your lungs, or just blow it out? Do you hold the smoke in your lungs at all? etc.)
  3. My stuff is pretty damn good.
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    man i justed started smoking again after quiting for 5 months, i did a bong rip ( i usally only smoke joints) last night on lunch during night school, i was fucking wrecked i had to leave class i was so high lol, i got the stuff from my buddy he has been smoking for years and he will only smoke premo stuff. my high probably lasted 2-3 hrs
  5. Depends on how much you smoke. When i first started smoking i would smoke maybe a third of a 1 gram blunt. I would be high all day. Lets say i smoked after school around 4? I would be high till at least 9. And i would usually fall asleep blasted too.

    But if you are smoking tiny hits out of a bowl then you will probably only get high for a couple hours.
  6. Millennia bro millennia
  7. Ë™One gram in my bowls would last all day too, small hits= more hits. Get high, then just take a few small hits in a few hours when it wears off. 
  8. The longest I've ever been high was 4ish hours when I first started smoking and after a 6 month t break.
  9. 5 hits of high grade should last you about 6 hours.
  10. Anywhere from 2-4 hours usually
  11. Thanks for all the response. Last night I packed a pretty fat bowl and got like 10 hits off of it (cornered like crazy).

    I got SO DAMN HIGH. I'll never know how long it lasted because I smoked at 11pm and went to bed at 12:30am. I woke up at 8am feeling a little out of it. It was the highest I've been thus far. It was inane.
  12. I'm pretty much a lightweight (must be due to my BMI rate) so its me harder, faster and more intensely so I don't smoke more if I'm already on a 10, for me it's last 3+ every it while it lasts. 
  13. 4-5 hours... enjoy it kiddddddo, now the same amount that lasted me 5 hours, with a better high, won't even get me high for 20 mins
  14. To me at the beginning it lasted 4-6hours and after that still had dizzy feeling

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  15. that first reply was bad lol.

    when i was at this point, i shared a .4 with a friend and I was high for 5 hours and buzzed till i fell asleep.
  16. mid, high grade? Kush?
    WTF Kush lol fool
  17. When I first started smoking I was in high school. Being worried my parents would find out I made a general rule that I go home no earlier than 4 hours after,which is when I felt pretty much completely sober as a once or twice a month smoker. Now, as a daily smoker, I feel pretty sober in about 2

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  18. If you haven't smoked in a few weeks and you got some high grade you should be gone for a few hours.
  19. A good 2-6 hours if your tolerance is low.. Make the most of it bro and STAY high, for all us regular blazers who can no longer STAY high but only have half hour glimpses of highness (if we're lucky)

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