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How long does a dime typically last you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BluntCruisin, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. How long does a dime of weed last you? (A dime is 1.7 grams where I'm from, but I understand it's different in some places). I smoke 3 to 4 times a week, basically every other day. If I get a fat dime of some good dank, it can last me a good two weeks or even more because I usually only smoke one bowl to save weed and money. With one dime, I can get 12 to 14 bowl packs (I have a small bowl and low tolerance, luckily :D)

    How about you guys?
  2. usually an hour

    I haven't smoked in a while so I guess now it might last me a day.
  3. Depends whether i am conserving or partying.

    If im out at a party then Less than an hour

    If i am at home conserving then probably 4 days. (Smoke once every night)
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    A dime is .5g here...and for dank it'd last two-three days depending if they chunked it up to .7 or not. For mids and schwagg probably a day though. Now a half eighth (1.75g) can last me a week exactly if it is dank(one bowl a night). If it is some lower end stuff then maybe 4 days or something (one-two bowls a day).

    So why do they call half eighths over there dimes? A dime is a $10 bag. Is that how much it costs you? And is it just schwagg or mids or dank or wha?

    *edit* keep your tolerance low like that. I don't think I would be able to smoke if a g would last me a day lol. I simply don't have the money for that and wouldn't want my little habit to become too expensive.
  5. Never bought a dime. Gram usually lasts me a half a day to a day.
  6. one minute homie
  7. A dime bag is 1g here, and usually lasts me about 1 bowl. Or about 30 minutes.
  8. 2 days maybe
  9. a 10 dollar bag of dank weighs .5 i can get high like 2 times. so 1-6 hours or a day.

    a 10 dollar bag of shit weed gets me high for the same amount(1g-2g) but the taste/after effect headache is only difference.
  10. Thats a big dime.

    Around me dimes are .4g. $10 bags. That will last me a blunt, and a roach for the next morning.

    But 1.7 grams would last me a good 3 days if I conserve. Depends on how good it is also. If its dank then I can smoke half of a blunt and be high for a good hour or so. if its mids, Id have to roll atleast .6 in a blunt. And i would smoke the whole blunt and be high for a good hour.

    I smoke blunts so idk if you can relate.
  11. here its 1 g of mids/.5 of heads per dimebag. Usually lasts me 2-3 days. About 3 bowls a day.
  12. 1, maybe 2 sessions
  13. a dime is schwag because no one buys half grams.
    Uh i get about 4 grams with a 10 and it lasts me about 4 days.
  14. SHiddddd, a dime will probably last me about a day and a morning LMAO:D
  15. Sorry If I confused any of you. I don't mean ten dollars worth of weed. Up here in MN, a dime would simply mean 1.5 to 2 grams of any weed. There is no set price for it. At least, thats how my dealer sells. Like $30 for 2 grams of dank
  16. a dime being 1 gram here usualy is used up in a mourning sesh befor work
  17. Well, I buy my weed every week and I normly buy an ounce, so 1.7g mabey an hour lol
  18. I buy half a gram of dank everyday. how do you sound?
  19. Like 10 minutes.
  20. For me a dime is .5g (if I'm lucky). That would last me about a comfortable day and a half.

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