How long does a coke high last

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  1. Was thinking about trying some of the coke I bought tonight. I was thinking of doing just one line to see what it does. How long will it take until I am able to go to sleep? I was also wondering if it would be a good idea to smoke weed while tweaked. No need for rude comments, im just looking for advice.
  2. It depends highly on the potency of the coke (and your tolerance, though obviously that's not a factor here.) Generally for your first time good coke could get you buzzed for around 2-3 hours if you only do a small amount then stop. It might take a couple hours after that to actually get to sleep but if you smoke it'll help.

    Good luck. Everyone says they're only going to try one line their first time, but 9 times out of 10 it ends up being more. Just keep it under like .5g your first time and you shouldn't really face too many negative consequences.

    And if you're going to drink, keep it very minimal.
  3. first, being on coke isnt "tweaked"...thats speed. Hence why its called tweek.

    coke highs for me are anywhere from 15 too 45 mins.

    Smoking weed kinds brings you down from the high.
  4. My bad, I haven't really ever touched any upper drugs. The coke i recently bought is supposed to be incredibly good though so I'm excited.
  5. You should be fine to sleep in 5-6 hours, less if you take a benzo. The high will be much less than that, probably more like 1-2 hours. But what you'll probably want to do is do 1 line to start and then bumps to continue your high.
  6. i wouldnt do the trial line..just wait until your ready to do it all..
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    Depends on what grade like everyone said and how much you do. normally around 2hrs after you comedown...

    Or you could smoke some uber weed and just pass out.

    <<The coke i recently bought is supposed to be incredibly good though so I'm excited. >>
    they is always lying about that stuff...
  8. To me a little coke goes a long way. I can break up plenty of small lines and be buzzing the whole night.
  9. Will other people be able to tell if I'm coke as well. I know this sounds dumb, but is it noticeable if someone is on cocaine?
  10. Just be cool.

    You will be really talkative and confident.
  11. High is from 15mins to 2 hours...

    I'd say the most notable thing when someone is on coke is their pupils being huge... Other than that, I don't get talkative or anything, oddly I talk less on coke, and like to just sit there and do nothing... Amphetamines do the same thing to me.. I have ADD though
  12. 15-60 minute's.It depend's alot on the person and product dude.Just like with Marijuana or any other drug.

    For me 20 minute's and I am pretty much done unless it's some very,very,very good fire.I used to be a Coke junky so my tolerance remains.
  13. While the high isnt too long..its fantablous while it last...i usually pop sum pills (Lorazpam) to get to sleepafter.. works for me. oh me so Cravin now..
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