How long does a 1g Vape cart last you?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by BrewsnWeed666, Jan 21, 2023.

  1. I've recently started vaping since I can now source them lol & I have no idea how long a 1g cart should/will last?? Any help will get a winner winner chicken dinner....

    I did take pictures of it but they won't upload:bang::laughing:
  2. I am a bud tender and I see anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks for my customers. 1 day are the young guys who like to rip on RED/4.0v
    Fastest i’ve seen is a day
    Average for the daily users are anywhere from 2-4 days, most finishing before the third day mark
    Average for the occasional cart user is generally upwards of a week when carts are the secondary way of consumption.
    The here and there puffer who uses it nightly lasts them about two weeks

    personally, a week for me or 5 days if i’m pushing it. I prefer my good ol’ herbal to cartridges any day. Also pretty much my whole customer base who use cartridges basically have a tolerance problem at this point.
    I always inform the newbies to carts that you go this way, your sense of high just changes.
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  3. Thanks for the info man I mainly use weed as pain relief so the tolerance doesn't bother me like it does some people... If u know what I mean some people chase highs ect where as I'm all about the pain relief the high is just a kick ass bonus lmaoooooo

    I'm going to be comparing how long this cart lasts me to how long 7gs of flower would last me as it's roughly the same price
  4. Your AV cracks me up every time.
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  5. 1 week or longer
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  6. 1 month
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  7. I only hit it at work, I do 3/ 12 hour shifts a week, I get 4 ten-minute breaks on one 20. Usually lasts a week and a half.
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  8. For me. I got a 300mg disposable from a dispensary once. It was potent Indica. It lasted me more than a month. I could only handle 4 hits at night before bed cause it knocked me out. Any more than 4 hits and I would be hugging the toilet. The Delta 8 that I'm doing now, I noticed that I'm going through more. 1gm use to last me a month, now it's every two weeks. My hands hurt more now because it's cold out. I'm going to see a new arthritis doctor monday to see what type I have.
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  9. I would say over 6 months, almost a year lol.

    My hospital drug tests me, so I can only vape right after a test.
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  10. oh boy, when I got my pen i would smoke an eight a week and that gram did a solid week, the government label says its approximately 4 grams of weed a cart. so it evens out if there's a comparison to flower.

    fast forward to present and I could kill a cart in 3 days if it's my primary intake.
  11. I am 63 and I go thru a one gram cart in one day. I like to be high all day, every day
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  12. What does age have anything to do with how long a cart lasts ?
    I figure it has everything to do with what other Cannabis products I have laying around , which in my case I got everything.
    I am stoned pretty much 24/7 and carts last me months.
  13. I vape Raw Delta9 in refillable carts. At first.. i was doing 6 to 8 days with a gram. since it's been 5-6 months now that i only vape Raw distillate, i now vape a gram every 4 days. I vape a 2 sec puff every 5 minutes and stay high all day.
  14. 6-10 days

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